What is a hair routine and why follow one?


Every hair type needs only three elements to be healthy: water, oil, and protein. 

The amount and frequency in which hair needs these three elements varies depending on the hair type and condition. Some hair types need more water because of their porosity levels, while others require more protein when the level of damage is high. 

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How is a routine going to help my hair?

Those rare perfect hair days are not a coincidence of the universe or the horoscope, they happen when there’s a perfect balance of water, oil, and protein in the strands. 

Water replenishment in the hair is what makes it softer and more elastic. Find moisture-locking ingredients in the Moisture hair treatment and deeply hydrate the ends to make them smooth and defined.

Oil is the element that makes the hair grow with a healthy shine. The Nurture hair treatment rebalances the oils in the hair and controls frizz thanks to a rich blend of eleven lustrous oils.   

Protein helps the hair regain volume and strength lost by daily styling and stress. The Repair hair treatment restores hair mass because it is made with regenerative ingredients such as keratin. 

Getting a good hair day, every day. 

Each person needs a specific combination of water, oil, and protein to achieve the perfect balance for their hair type  and its conditions. For example, for type C hair (kinky and more porous), the hair will need a Nurture treatment. For hair that is damaged from chemical processing, more protein will be needed to restore the strands’ structure. 

The Hair Routine has created a test that delivers a personalized hair care routine after completing all the questions about your hair.  In addition to that, we've  developed a line of treatments that serve the purpose of replenishing the hair with water, oil, and protein; helping you achieve your hair goals.