Thank you for taking the time to learn about us

I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, and haircare has always been an important part of my heritage and culture.

Moving to Canada, my biggest struggle was having access to products and ingredients I needed in order to keep up with my hair routine, a popular method of hair care used in Brazil.  

That’s when the idea of starting The Hair Routine was conceived: A brand that creates formulas that serve the purpose of treating the hair with what it really needs in order to be healthy, so we don't have to overstock our shelves with products with no long-term results!

My grandma taught me that caring for my hair is more than simply a hobby, but rather a way of reconnecting with myself.

At The Hair Routine, our intention is to connect others to the products they want, provide the guidance they are seeking, and start a movement that would redefine the relationship most have with hair.

We build smart solutions for people to be able to make smart decisions because loving yourself and loving your hair starts with understanding how to care for them.

- Clarissa de Queiroz, Founder & CEO