Myths about Haircare

There are a lot of myths and exaggerations encouraged by the beauty industry because they want to encourage us to believe that we NEED something we actually… don’t. 

Let’s begin with the most common lie, the one that has been passed from generation to generation: 

Cutting your hair frequently to make it grow faster

This is not true. Trimming your hair doesn’t affect how fast it grows. Hair growth is related to the scalp, not to the ends. Dr. Doris Day, a dermatologist, explains that “how often you cut your hair doesn’t have anything to do with how fast it will grow.” When we get a haircut we are getting rid of damaged and split ends which makes the hair look fuller and feel healthier. In reality, the follicles on your scalp determine how quickly your hair grows, so if you want to encourage growth massage and nurture your scalp.

Brushing your hair 100 times to keep it healthy

Brushing your hair too much can actually cause the opposite effect and damage it, especially if it’s wet. Brushing causes friction and it brakes the cuticle – the protective layer. There’s no point in brushing more than needed to detangle a few knots. To promote a healthier scalp and hair, you should untangle with a wide hair comb and massage with your fingertips after a long stressing day.

Myths about Haircare | The Hair Routine

Hair masks are the same as conditioners

No, they both have very different purposes. Conditioners have a lower pH than hair masks to help close the cuticles (the outside layers of the hair strand), while hair masks and treatments are denser and they’re formulated to treat the inside part of the hair strand.

Learn more about your hair structure.

Oily hair should be cleaned every single day

People with greasy hair think that washing it a lot will solve the “issue” but this actually makes it worse. Hair has a natural production of oil – sebum -, so if you wash it more than necessary your scalp will start producing more oil to compensate for the excessive washing.

Hair gets used to a certain product.

Hair doesn’t get used to the product, what really happens is your hair does not need that element more than twice in a row but rather in a constant cycle. If you use a moisturizing treatment once, your hair will get replenished with what it needs -moisture- and for the next treatment, it will be needing something different…like protein. This is why we recommend having a personal Hair Routine. Good hair days every day are a reality if you know what your hair needs and when it needs it.


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