How To Establish The Right Hair Care Routine For You

Your Hair Routine

Establishing the right hair care routine is very important if you want your hair to be at its best. All types of hair need three essential elements to grow and stay healthy: water, oil, and protein. The amount of water, oil, and protein needed varies depending on the hair type and situation. Some hair types might need more water because of their porosity levels, while others might need more protein when the level of damage is higher than usual. Nevertheless, all hair types need all  three of these elements on a rotating schedule because having only one of the three has the opposite effect for your hair. 

The three elements that your hair needs


Every single part of the body is made of at least a small percentage of water. The water in your hair is what helps it grow and keeps it soft.  The roots soak in the water once it goes through your circulatory system and hydrates the strands. The hair can also get moisturized by the water in the air, that’s why in humid conditions, hair gets frizzy because it absorbs lots of water. 


The natural oil produced by the scalp is constantly nourishing the follicles and the strands. Usually with longer hair, it’s hard for the oil to reach the ends. 


Hair strands are mainly made up of a protein called Keratin. When hair goes through a lot of stress such as heat, perms, relaxation, or any other chemical treatments, the cuticles get weak, open up, and lose all the water and nutrients that are stored inside of them. 

How to identify what your hair needs?


Hair feels dry and brittle when it’s missing water. Similar to the importance of drinking water to hydrate the body, hair absorbs water from the environment but it needs to seal it inside the strands to keep that hydration. Replenishing the strands with moisture-locking ingredients such as Panthenol and sugar can help  keep the hair hydrated and soft at all times.


When hair gets frizzy and loses some shine, it most likely needs to be replenished with nourishing oils. It’s extremely important to avoid washing out the natural oil produced by the scalp.  In addition to that, you should nurture your hair with a treatment that includes oils such as coconut, shea butter, and argan; keeping the strands defined and with a healthy glow.


Hair feels weak and brittle when it’s missing out on protein. Take a strand from your hair and stretch it slowly as far as you can. If it stretches a lot without breaking then it has more elasticity than it should and should be replenished with protein. Repair your hair with a treatment that restores hair mass with a unique formulation that includes regenerative ingredients such as amino-acids and proteins like keratin. 

You can complete THIS online test to receive a personalized routine that includes an explanation of what your hair needs and how often it needs to be replenished with each of the three essential elements mentioned before. Elevate your hair rituals and start your routine today.