How to follow The Hair Routine?

Your hair needs a routine as well

If you are reading this, you want to get on top of your hair game and you want to start now. The Hair Routine is the method to recover the strands and maintain hair’s health by replenishing it with the only essentials it needs: – water, oil, and protein – within a personalized schedule.

Simple, unique and effective. The Hair Routine gathers information about your hair and your needs and uses it to create a personalized routine based on the method of the three essential elements.

How to follow The Hair Routine | The Hair Routine

Learn what is The Hair Routine and why to follow it, here.

Step 1 to following a Hair Routine – complete the test and get your results and routine in your inbox.

Step 2 – You will receive a chart that looks like this:

This chart shows the percentage of moisture, nurture, and repair that your hair needs.

Step 3- You will also receive your personalized hair routine, which looks – depending on your answers – something like this:

M is for Moisture, which makes the hair feel softer, more bouncy and elastic.

N is for Nurture; to help control frizz and make your hair look and feel lustrous.

R is for Repair; your hair needs protein to aid repair from all previous and future damage.

Start your routine on a day that you plan to wash your hair, and start off with the first treatment – could be Moisture or Nurture depending on what your routine shows – and move forward clockwise. Each bubble indicates the treatment you should be using on a 12 washing-day cycle. This means that from now on every time you wash your hair, and by wash I mean you cleanse it with water and shampoo, you will use one hair mask as well. Be aware that if you wash your hair daily, you should only treat it with a hair mask every 48 hours. Some times it will be Moisture, sometimes Nurture, and once or twice a month it will be Repair. Remember that the frequency and the order in which you apply these treatments will be determined by your answers in The Hair Routine test.

Complete the test and get your Hair Routine!

The beauty of having your personal Hair Routine is that you’ll be providing your hair with exactly what it needs.

To follow your Hair Routine, you can make your own hair masks or you can shop the three hair treatments: Moisture, Nurture, and Repair from The Hair Routine online shop.