What are the functions of hair products?

We tend to believe that shampooing is the only way of cleansing the hair, and conditioner is just for detangling it afterward. No worries, I had this impression as well. But the truth is, hair products play a way more important role in our health and self-care routines that goes beyond cleaning or detangling.


Not only responsible for cleaning the scalp and strands, but it also opens the strands' cuticles allowing the treatment to be absorbed effectively. Only when the cuticles are open, it can receive the molecules of water, protein, vitamins, oils, etc. Shampoos that are best for cleaning without harming the locks should have a pH between 5.5 and 6.5.

Treatment Mask

Now, another big surprise: treatment masks come between shampooing and conditioning. Yes, you read it right! The goal is to treat the hair strands profoundly, recovering the liveliness, nutrients and lost mass from the day to day life. Therefore, it is best to do it when the cuticles are open, after shampooing. With the Hair Routine, we recommend it to be used three times a week to get the best performance.



Last but not least, the conditioner comes to seal those strand cuticles previously opened by the shampoo, and hold the treatments from the mask inside. This is why it's important that your conditioner has a very low pH - between 3.5 - 5 - for best results. The conditioners that do not carry any silicons, petrol derivatives or wax can also be used as conditioner washing. 









FYI, you don’t need more than this to have a healthy and pretty hair. The key is to pick the best products for your hair type, with the best ingredients and, mostly, knowing how to use it.