Treat your hair better: 8 of Our Best Hair Routine Tips

Why do we give so much attention to our skin care routine, but not to  our hair care routine? 

We have been taught the importance of a complete skincare routine that includes daily sunblock application and removing makeup before going to sleep. But information about hair care is still limited. What is the ideal hair care routine - and product line - that we should all follow in order to have healthy hair? 

8 of Our Best Hair Routine Tips 

To start, here are some must-follow hair routine tips:

1. Limit, and seriously limit, the use of tools to style your hair. The straightener, the hair drier and the curling iron can really mess up your hair's natural shape. If you want smoothness, give the hair tools a break. 

2. If you are going to use heating tools, use protection. There are specific hair products that are made to protect against heat. Look for ingredients that protect the cuticle - the outer layer of the strand - and make sure you apply them before heat styling your hair.  

3. If you spot lots of split ends and damage, it’s time for a trim. There is no specific rule on how many times a year you need to cut your hair. Assess the level of damage and get rid of it before it gets worse. Once you trim your hair, make sure you keep it healthy by constantly replenishing the strands with water, oil, and protein. READ MORE: 7 Ways to Prevents Split Ends


4- Take a look at what's in your beauty products. Do you know about good chemicals and bad ones? There’s a list of the main ingredients you should avoid HERE. And there’s a list of the ones you should include in your routine depending on your hair type HERE


5-  Did you know there’s a professional way of washing your hair? That’s why when the experts do it at the salon, your scalp feels so much cleaner. One of the main tips is to scrub longer while being gentle with the strands to avoid any further breakage. 

6- Let your hair air dry. This is, no doubt, one of the most hated hair care tips, but there’s a good reason it keeps on popping when you search for the best hair care routine. Pat dry with a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt and then let your hair air dry as it is. You’ll be able to observe its natural shape while avoiding potential breakage caused by heat and brushes. 

7.- Follow (the Hair Routine) that is right for your hair type. As mentioned above, all hair types need water, oil, and protein on a regular basis. Some hair types need more water included in their routine due to factors such as porosity or the weather. Others need a bit more protein for a few months after undergoing a chemical treatment. Mastering the routine that is ideal for your hair is the most important step to getting your hair to its healthiest in the long term. We’ve created a set of treatments to complement the routine. These are Moisture (water), Nurture (oil) and Repair (protein). Each of these is formulated and designed to replenish the strands with oils, hydrating ingredients and vegan proteins. 

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