7 Ways to Prevent Split Ends

Every time I find a split end I feel desperate to eliminate it and my first reaction is to cut it with the first pair of scissors I can get my hands on. This could be one solution, but if I would opt for it every single time, I would never be able to grow my hair long and healthy. Split ends happen because the cuticle – the outer protective layer -  is not strong enough and it breaks, causing the hair shaft to open up in two or even more. The weakening of the cuticle happens when the hair has been through a lot of damaging and stressing processes such as bleaching, straightening, etc. Avoiding any kind of chemical process is the easiest way to keep the cuticle healthy, but there are a few other solutions that will definitely keep those ends healthy as can be. 

7 Ways to Prevent Split Ends | The Hair Routine

How to prevent split ends

Moisturize your hair at least once a week

Moisturizing treatments and creams help replenish the hair structure with water so that the hair is ready to receive and store nutrients. Hair masks with ingredients such as vitamin A, aloe vera, and Panthenol; will help hydrate and restore the hair fiber.

Treat it  overnight

Like skin, hair regenerates the most while we are sleeping. Nurturing with oils that have unsaturated fatty acids – for best absorption– will treat the hair better as you get some rest. Apply a couple of drops of Olive or Argan oil and wash it off with warm water the next morning. Pro tip: invest in a silk pillowcase, cotton over absorbs important oils that your hair needs to be shiny and healthy. A silk pillowcase will reduce tangling which results in less hair damage! 

Use protection

If you like styling your hair with hot tools, protecting it should be part of the routine. Apply heat protectors on your clean hair and wait for it to fully dry before you use a straightener or curler, this will help lock in the moisture. Use grapeseed oil as an alternative natural hair protectant. 

Apply a protein treatment

Restore the hair mass with products that are rich in protein – such as keratin, collagen, and amino acids – such as arginine, serine, and proline. The Repair treatment from The Hair Routine is a plant-based treatment made with regenerative ingredients like oats, wheat, and soy protein, that will make the hair stronger, fuller, and healthier. 

Improve your hair care habits

Brushing your hair daily to spread the natural oils from the scalp to the ends will keep them well nurtured. When you brush, be gentle and do so by starting from the ends, working your way through the knots slowly until you can brush it smoothly without struggling. Add a few drops of adsorbent oils such as grapeseed oil, to keep it smooth and shiny. 

Get a trim before it’s too late

Apart from making all of these points a daily hair care routine, avoid spending more than 6 months without getting a trim. The longer the hair strand the thinner it gets at the ends, and the easier it breaks. Cutting it before it’s too thin will significantly improve the overall health of your hair. 

Follow your Hair Routine

Hair only needs three elements to be healthy: water, oil, and protein. These elements are lost because of daily styling, handling, pollution, stress, etc. Making sure your hair is in perfect balance is easy if you know what it needs. Complete this test and find out what your hair needs, why, and how often. If you have more detailed questions or concerns you can book an appointment with The Hair Talk, 45 min. consultation with an expert that will give you a complete analysis and report of your situation and will guide you every step of the way. Having a Hair Routine molded to your needs is the best way to treat it and avoid further -or any- breakage.