Coming Clean with The Hair Routine

         Since the turn of the century, we’ve found ourselves facing one common challenge as human beings: climate change. At a time when we have a choice between proactive and reactive action, The Hair Routine is making the easy decision. As a company that creates consumer goods, we take all the possible measures to limit the effect we have into further deteriorating our planet’s health. As a team we agree that our community shouldn’t face a tradeoff between what’s best for their hair and what’s best for the planet.

Our Team and the Environment

         Our team was built with the purpose of maintaining a sustainable company. We are woman-oriented and our team is so diverse that no two people share the same background. As such, every member has had a different experience with climate change. We’ve combined all those experiences to create a holistic approach to the environment.

Our Products and the Environment

         Our products are made in Canada to avoid increasing our carbon footprint. All of our products are derived from North America in order to fuel local economies and, once again, reduce our footprint. We’ve labeled our company as ‘clean’ in order to distinguish ourselves from all the so-called ‘natural’ products on the market. There aren’t many legal guidelines as to what makes a product ‘natural’ yet for something to be clean, it has to be non-toxic and not harmful to the body nor the environment. clean products must also integrate environmentally responsible technology into their production. We use glass containers and print-on labels to eliminate any excess waste we may be contributing to, and the boxes we use to protect our glass bottles are 100% biodegradable!
         We are very proud of our unwavering commitment to sustainability and we hope that you recognize and appreciate this commitment. We also hope that you will consider adopting these same values in your everyday life.