The 5 Best Ingredients to Moisturize Your Hair

What you’ll learn 

  • The importance of a moisturizing hair treatment
  • Identifying if your hair needs to be moisturized
  • 5 ingredients that are great moisturizers
  • How much moisture does your hair need?
  • Find a great moisture treatment 

Water replenishment is what makes the hair feel softer, bouncy, and more elastic. Hair has the ability to be moisturized by the water in the environment which is why it becomes frizzy in humid conditions as it absorbs water from the air.   A treatment that moisturizes or hydrates the strands must have ingredients that help absorb and retain water. 

Identifying if your hair needs a moisture treatment

When the strands feel brittle and dry, your hair is in need of some water.  A moisturizing treatment helps control the amount of water your hair absorbs and retains. 

Determine if your hair needs water or oil

Here’s a list of 5 ingredients that are great moisturizers for the hair.


This natural moisturizer has the ability to absorb moisture from the environment and hold onto water and hydrate without leaving your hair or skin oily. Thanks to its natural properties, it’s not irritating and is beneficial for those with sensitive skin. Honey can ultimately help restore dry, damaged hair and bring it back to life. 

Pro-Vitamin B5

Panthenol is one of the most common moisturizing ingredients used in hair care. It  has been used as an alternative treatment for hair loss in the past because of its ability to penetrate, strengthen, and thicken hair. You can get Provitamin B5 at the pharmacy or natural stores and use it after cleansing your hair. The Moisture Treatment from the hair routine contains Provitamin B5 that revitalizes the hair and leaves it extremely soft. 


Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera seems like the “miracle” plant to cure anything. It’s known for its healing properties when applied topically or even when consumed orally.  The gel-ish substance inside the plant is mainly made up of water and proteins that contain amino acids and vitamins A, B, C, and E. You can get it at any supermarket or plant market and extract the gel to be used whichever way you prefer. Aloe vera moisturizes the  skin and hair without leaving it greasy or heavy.  


Sugar or Sucrose 

According to specialists, using granulated sugar as an exfoliant for your scalp improves circulation and helps deep cleanse it to promote healthy hair growth. Sugar is a natural humectant and gently hydrates the skin and helps retain water inside the strands. 



Vegetable glycerin has emollient and moisturizing properties.  It absorbs water from the air and traps it. It creates a protective layer around the hair strands and doesn’t permit the humidity to escape. Glycerin acts in mysterious ways: in high-humidity conditions it draws in the moisture, but in dry weather, glycerin will remove the water out from the strands into the air. The best way of using glycerin to treat the strands is by applying a hair mask that contains glycerin on damp hair and then wrapping a humid cotton t-shirt or using a shower cap to recreate a humid environment while you mask. Glycerin is part of the ingredient list for all our The Hair Routine products


Identifying how much moisture your hair needs

Be aware of how much water your hair absorbs. High porosity hair absorbs  more water - but also loses it faster - and adding too much moisture will saturate the strands and cause them to break. You can complete this free online hair test to learn how much water, oil, and protein your hair needs. 

A complete Moisture Hair Treatment 

When browsing for a good moisturizing hair treatment look for these ingredients and deeply hydrate from the roots to the ends to give strands silkiness, malleability, and smoothness. This Moisture Treatment is formulated with moisture-locking ingredients such as glacial water, sucrose, pro-vitamin B5, meadowfoam seed, sweet almond, grapeseed, olive, and coconut oils; that moisturize the hair and stimulate the scalp with a formulation of comforting and soothing lavender-lemon scents while replenishing the hair fibers with water.