How to Follow The Ideal Hair Care Routine?

Follow Your Ideal Hair Care Routine in 6 Steps

What you’ll learn:

  • Your Hair Type
  • Determine What Your Hair Needs
  • Design Your Ideal Routine
  • Let Us Design Your Ideal Routine
  • Complete the Online Hair Consultation
  • Find the Right Treatments

A complete hair care routine that replenishes hair with water, oil, and protein is necessary to recover the strands and maintain the hair's health. Your hair care routine should be simple, unique, and effective. Follow these tips to implement ideal hair care routine for you:

Your Hair Type

A hair routine can differ a lot from hair type to hair type. Even though all hair types need water, oil, and protein, some of them need one element more than another. There are 4 types of hair: type 1, 2, 3, and 4; and each of these is divided into three subcategories: A, B, and C. In order to determine your personalized hair care routine, you will need to determine which is your hair type. 

Determine What Your Hair Needs

The hair strands need water for hydration and elasticity, oil for shine and nourishment, and protein for strength and volume. Some hair types need more water than oil, some need more protein to repair broken bonds, and some need more oil to keep curly strands defined and free of frizz. The ideal hair routine is based on the hair type, level of damage, porosity, elasticity, and thickness. 

Determine if your hair needs water or oil.

Let Us Design Your Ideal Hair Routine

The Hair Routine was created out of necessity. It could take years to master the art of reading your hair and knowing what it lacks each day. In an effort to simplify hair care, we’ve created a test that sets up your ideal hair routine, taking into account your current hair situation and lifestyle profile.  

Complete the Online Hair Consultation

Complete the online hair test. The Hair Routine will then determine the exact amount of water, oil, and protein that your hair is missing due to daily stressors.  Notice that you’ll need to use three different hair treatments in order to follow your routine.

M is for Moisture, which controls water retention and makes the hair feel softer, more bouncy, and elastic. 

N is for Nurture; the oils help control frizz and make your hair look and feel lustrous.

R is for Repair; your hair is 96% protein so it needs it to repair and prevent damage.

Find the Right Treatments

Hair treatments have a unique purpose depending on their active ingredients. Look for the best treatments and ingredients that will allow you to follow your hair routine. 

How to Start Following Your Hair Routine

After completing the hair test, you’ll be able to set up a start date that is a washing day for you.  Review your routine and see which one’s the first treatment. Moving forward, you’ll use a different hair treatment every time you wash your hair. If you wash your hair daily, you should only treat it with a hair mask every 48 hours. The frequency and order in which you apply these treatments will be determined by your answers to The Hair Routine test.