The 5 Dimensions of Self-Care

The Importance of Self Care

We've seen it everywhere, The life-style trend that is here to stay. It seems like every brand, influencer, and blog talks about the importance of a self-care routine. We've even talked about it before in this journal: “self-care is something you should be able to do on a regular basis, in order to feel relaxed and happy with yourself”, no matter what form it may be.

There are infinite ways to practice self-care on a daily basis and from a starting point of view, this might feel ironically overwhelming. So I did a little research to simplify things by splitting self-care into five different dimensions.

At a time when everyone is alone and there is some time to spare, try to enjoy your personal rituals and indulge in your wellbeing.


The goal: to completely nourish every aspect of your life.


1. Physical (Hair-Care fits in this one!)

This not only involves physical activities but your sleeping habits as well. In general, it’s about nutrition, movement, safety, sexuality, and hygiene. Of course, if you make it a routine to exercise or move daily, you will increase your energy levels and in addition, your self-esteem will get a boost.


2. Intellectual

This kind of self-care involves personal growth. Practice mindfulness and switch to a more positive mindset. Stimulate your mind by continuously pursuing new knowledge. Read articles, books, and magazines that you already have at your home and never had the time to read.  


3.  Social

Do you have a supportive network of people? From the Maslow pyramid of needs, social acceptance and sense of belonging are some of the most important things for human beings. Create lasting connections with people. Take care of those friends that really matter. Connect with your family and your neighbors, constantly.

In regular times I would say “disconnect from your phone”. I could enlist all the benefits you’ll get from doing so, but now, take advantage of it! Video call your loved ones. 


4.  Spiritual

This one might be a little trickier but think about it like the beliefs and values that guide your day-to-day life and your future. If you are not sure about this part of your life I highly recommend exploring it. This dimension is important because it helps you find value and purpose in life.


5. Emotional

Emotional self-care is being in complete awareness. Try to explore how you feel and understand the reasons behind it. But most importantly: practice self-love. If you learn to love and care for yourself, you will be able to love and care for others around you.


Now what? Review the 5 dimensions and do an honest self-evaluation. Which of them needs more attention right now? Which one do you have completely mastered? How do they all apply to YOU? 

Keep in mind that these cornerstones do not stand alone; each boosts the other and they work in harmony to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Treat all of these foundations for wellbeing with respect and give each the importance it deserves.

Remember, we are all different and so…it is different things that will work for different people.