5 Tips to Protect Your Hair This Summer

Best hair tips for warm weather

Summer is finally here, and it’s feeling very hot! 

But it’s not all sunshine and ice cream because with rising temperatures and high humidity comes frizzy, Hermione-looking, sun-damaged hair. #relatable

When it comes to sun protection, we tend to only focus on our face and body, forgetting entirely about the hair. In the beginning, hair damage from the heat and sun isn’t noticeable, but it results in dry, brittle hair with time. Also, don’t even get me started on what’ll happen if you have dyed hair and don’t protect it. 

The best tips to protect your hair during this summer:

1. Protect your scalp from sunburn 

Use a cap or a cute scarf every time you go out and know that you’ll be spending time under the sun. You can also try slicked-back hairstyles so you don’t burn your scalp. Don’t forget to wear sunblock on your ears, forehead, and neck as well. Sunburnt skin not only ages faster but is also more prone to skin cancer, especially if there is a genetic predisposition.

2. Avoid hair elastics

It’s likely that you tend to tie your hair up because of the high temperatures and the humidity. Use silky scrunchies or hair scarfs instead; this helps avoid hair breakage.

3. Use leave-in for extra hydration

Moisturizing your hair during the warmest days of the year is E-SSEN-TIAL. Invest in masks, conditioners, oils, and treatments with ingredients that provide hydration and seal water inside the strands. Try The Hair Routine’s multifunctional Conditioner as a leave-in before and after going to the pool or the beach to keep your hair hydrated even after long hours of heat and sweat.



4. Avoid using extra heat-styling at all costs

The weather is already warm enough and dries your hair; avoid that extra damage. But if you have to….Use protection!

5. Follow your Hair Routine!

Having a personalized hair routine to provide your hair exactly with what it needs will not only help improve your overall hair health but also help prevent future damage.

Complete a hair test HERE and receive your personalized routine along with a calendar to know exactly when your hair will need our Moisture, Nurture, and Repair treatments. Try it now!



Images: Slim Aarons.