Summer ready hair!

Your best summer hair

Let the summer begin!
But it is not all sunshine and ice-creams, with rising temperatures and high humidity we get the frizzy Hermione-looking sun-damaged hair.  #relatable

When it comes to sun protection we tend to focus on face and body, and you might ask yourself “do I really need to protect my hair?”. Yes, maybe you don’t see damage at the beginning, but with time it will surely result in having dry brittle hair. And don’t even get me started on what will happen if you have dyed hair and don’t protect it. Thankfully, I did a little research and found the best tips to protect it during the summer/vacation time.

Summer ready hair | The Hair Routine

Tips to protect your hair during summer:


1. Protect your scalp from sunburn and dryness with a cap or a hat.

Did you know you can develop cancer from a sunburnt scalp? You can also try slicked-back hairstyles, this way you won’t burn your scalp, but don’t forget to wear sunblock on your ears, forehead, and neck.

2. Avoid hair elastic.

It is more usual that you tend to tie-up your hair because of the high temperatures and the humidity. Use silky scrunchies or hair scarfs instead; this will avoid hair breakage.

3. Use leave-in to control frizz.

Moisturizing during the warmest days of the years is E-SSEN-TIAL, stock up masks, conditioners, oils, and treatments. Personal tip: I’ve been using The Hair Routine’s multifunctional Conditioner as a leave-in and let me just say my hair has never been smoother. Plus, you can also use it before and after going to the pool or the beach.

4. Avoid using extra heat-styling at all costs.

The weather is already warm enough to dry your hair; you don’t want to extra damage it. And if you do (exhales desperately) #useprotection.

5. Follow The Hair Routine!

It’s a method to take care of your hair in a personalized simple way. You just need to complete the test on the webpage and you will immediately receive your personalized routine. Following it has made my hair look and feel a lot healthier than before. Try it now!