Let’s talk about pH

This entry is going to be a little bit more scientific, but very informative! If I could, I would go back in time and use this subject as my elementary school’s science fair project. Today, on Science with Lucía: Why the pH of hair products, matter.

The hair’s pH is one of the most important, yet underrated, component to take into consideration when caring for our hair. It influences hair texture and curliness. And it also determines how lifted-up or closed the hair cuticle is and how skin and hair retain moisture.

p= potential/power

H= Hydrogen

The pH Scale goes from 0-14

Let’s talk about pH | The Hair Routine

pH Values from 0 – 6 are ACIDIC

Value 7 is Neutral (water has a pH value of 7)

and from 8 – 14 are ALKALINE

The pH of hair products

Moving left to right in the table, from 7 to 14,  substances are more alkaline. When the pH of hair products is higher than 7, they will open the hair cuticle and break down the hair. They can also cause dry scalp and frizzy hair.


Extreme alkaline can eat away skin and hair. Do not use products with a pH higher than 13 without balancing them out with water!

Most of the commonly used products for hair styling and/or coloration have very high pH levels, for example:

Bleaching, highlighting, etc.: pH 10 -11

Semi-permanent hair coloration: pH 7 – 9

Permanent  hair coloration: pH 9.5 – 10. 5

Relaxation products: pH 11 – 13

Perm: pH 8 – 9

Baking soda: pH 8

Moving right to left from 7 to 0, things are more acidic. Using products or treatments that fall on the acidic side of the scale, help close the hair cuticle and hold moisture. This essentially makes your hair shiny and smooth.



Extreme acid can eat away skin and hair. Do not use products with a pH lower than two without balancing them out with water!

The Hair Routine’ s products are specially made to control and balance de pH of the hair.

Let me explain…

The Balancing Shampoo has a  pH of 5.6 – 6 which is a tiny bit higher than the normal pH of hair. It is made this way so that it gently opens the cuticle and cleanses the hair. Then, because the cuticle is open, conditions are perfect for treatments and masks to penetrate the hair strand.

The Balancing Conditioner has a pH of 3.9 – 4.6 which is a tiny bit lower than the normal pH of hair. This will essentially help close the cuticles and retain the treatment applied in the previous step. Finally, it will leave the hair shiny and smooth.

*FYI hair sebum is quite acidic, which helps to prevent fungi and kills bacteria. Keep your cuticles closed and healthy by always trying to stay in range of the NEUTRAL balance of hair and skin which should be around pH 4.5 to pH 5.5.

 Pretty cool right? If you have any questions, or whatsoever I am not a scientist (just did my Science homework and wanted to share what I learned), but I would be happy to help you with any doubts or concerns about The Hair Routine’s products and their pH.