How to Co-wash your hair?

Last week we introduced you – or not – to this “I’m in love” technique on how to wash your hair without damaging it too much. Something called conditioner washing – or co-wash to those in the know. This week we will tell you exactly how to do it. It’s very easy but there is one key thing you need to understand here. It is true that with this method you do not need to use any shampoo, which doesn’t mean you will skip the “shampooing” stage – or to put a better name on it- the “cleansing” stage. So let’s keep in mind that you won’t necessarily use less product, you will actually use way more – a lot more – conditioner than before.

First thing’s first, right after you wet your hair in the shower with water, grab a good amount of conditioner (that is suitable for co-washing) and pass it through your scalp. Massage it for a while, just as you would do if you were using shampoo, gently scrubbing to clean the oily parts of the scalps. Rinse your hair from this stage and add another good hand of conditioner to actually condition the hair strands, smoothly using the fingers to help detangle it. Rinse it once again and voilà! Your hair is perfectly washed, without having to put any detergents on it.

How to Co-wash your hair | The Hair Routine

Now, I’m sure you are wondering: how this is possible? Especially because we have been told never to put any conditioner on the scalps, only on the hair strands. What happens is that those kinds of “oily” conditioners were infested with silicons – that works like a makeup, hiding the “imperfections” and somehow looking good. We don’t want that! So just like some chemicals can do harm, good chemicals can be very beneficial. The straightforward explanation is: since oil dissolves oil – just like water dissolves water, right? – the non-synthetic or natural oils in the conditioner composition, like coconut oil, for example, is actually dissolving the old-dirty oil from your hair. And just like that, the natural added oils from the conditioner are helping us to keep our hair’s natural oil – that chemicals would have removed completely, causing dryness and frizz.

I bet I brought you to some kind of a high school flashback right now, didn’t I?
Try this out for the next couple of washes, and make sure to let us know how good you feel.