What is hair elasticity and why is it important?

Your hair’s elasticity determines its overall strength. Think of an elastic band. If you stretch it a lot and then let go, it will go back to its original shape. The elasticity of your hair is a measure of how much it can stretch without losing its original state.  When elasticity is in perfect balance the hair is defined and strong.

There are two reasons why your hair might not have balanced elasticity:

  1. It’s not well moisturized
  2. Proteins are broken and it’s weak. 

Hair Elasticity Test

The results of the elasticity test are low, balanced, or high. 

Pick one single strand from your head and spray some water on it (Hair has more stretch to it when it’s wet, but you can do this test on dry hair as well). Pull it slowly as much as you can-- not too aggressively-- and see what happens. 

If your hair stretches a lot (really, it’s too much) before it breaks: elasticity is high because it’s missing protein. All kinds of things can cause your hair to lose proteins: too much water, excess heat, excess manipulation, or chemical treatments. If these sound familiar to you, you’d most likely want to add protein treatments to your hair care routine. 

If your hair stretches and goes back to its natural shape: elasticity is balanced and your hair routine has a balanced amount of moisture and protein

If your hair does not stretch at all and it instantly breaks when pulled at elasticity is low and your hair is weak because it’s losing water faster than usual. Look for ingredients that aid in water retention such as aloe vera or Panthenol (B5). 

Why is it important to know about hair elasticity?

As mentioned before, how much your hair can stretch defines its level of strength. When hair has a good level of elasticity, the strands will be able to handle more pressure. Low elasticity will result in strands that are very delicate and have to be handled more carefully. 

A proper hair routine that is catered to your hair type and its elasticity level will provide your hair with the proper ingredients according to what it needs. Find out which routine would fit your hair by completing THIS TEST.  Receive our diagnosis of your hair situation along with your personalized Hair Routine. 

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