3 Reasons Your Hair Routine Should be as Important as Your Skincare Routine

Skin is the largest living organ in our bodies, and it holds everything in place, which is why it should be given exceptional attention. Hair, on the other hand, is a dead cell. 

However, in the last years, self-care brands have more than doubled the amount of products directed at hair care issues. Hair might be dead, but let's not forget that our skin tissues do not stop at the forehead but continue towards our scalp. “The scalp is different from the skin only in the fact that it does not receive the same type of stress.” (Friday Magazine, fridaymagazine.ae)  Scalp tissues stem from product build-up, heat from styling tools, chemicals from treatments, etc.  

Skin and hair care routines are both equally important, mainly in three points, and here are them:


As mentioned before, skin on the face and neck has different challenges than skin on the scalp. Skin and scalp get dirty from factors such as pollution and from getting touched with our fingers more often. Also, product buildup clogs the pores, and internal grease accumulation turns into zits or pimples.

How to cleanse your hair: It’s important to use a shampoo that won’t strip the natural nutrients from our hair while still cleaning it. Try the Balancing Shampoo from The Hair Routine, formulated to perform on all hair types and deliver results that last. It is designed to freshen the scalp while hydrating the ends.


The Balancing Shampoo is made with over 96% natural ingredients and is free of sulfates and parabens. This formula contains organic oils such as eucalyptus and tea tree oil to balance any hair type and stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and hair growth. The coconut oil and natural sugars create a creamy texture to gently cleanse the scalp and leave it feeling nourished and fresh.


One of the essential nutrients for skin and hair is water, and the skin is responsible for absorbing and holding it, which makes it feel and look hydrated and plump. Water gets absorbed by the scalp and the hair strands as well, giving them their silkiness, elasticity, and smoothness.

For your hair: Try The Hair Routine’s Moisture Treatment. It hydrates the hair and stimulates the scalp with a formulation of comforting ingredients that includes grapeseed oil and soothing lavender-lemon scents. It also includes moisture-locking ingredients such as glacial water, sucrose, pro-vitamin B5, meadowfoam seed, sweet almond, olive, and coconut oils that hydrate deeply from the roots to the ends.


Protection from UV rays is extremely important for the skin in order to avoid aging signs and skin cancer! Hopefully, this is not the first time you read that sunblock must be included in your daily, even twice-a-day, skincare routine. On your hair, heat has similar negative effects, except that we apply a lot more heat when styling it and undergoing chemical treatments. These stresses dry out the strands, and in most cases, they can burn away the follicle and cause severe trauma to the hair. Always protect your skin and hair from heat!

For your hair: Use protection before undergoing any chemical process by applying pre-shampoo oil the night before. Also, use a heat-protectant before using any hot tools to protect the strands.

For a complete hair care routine that takes into account how much damage your hair undergoes every day, complete The Hair Routine’s consultation, get your free step-by-step guide, and start following your routine. 

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