Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Growth

What you’ll learn:

  • What are the benefits of rosemary essential oil for the hair
  • The science behind rosemary oil benefits
  • How to use rosemary oil to compliment your hair routine

Rosemary has several benefits for hair and skin such as the elimination of bacteria. Not only is it used for culinary purposes, but healing purposes as well. Like other herbs, rosemary can be distilled to extract its essential oil. It is commonly used as a home remedy to treat a variety of problems from mild skin diseases to memory issues. 

Benefits of rosemary essential oil for the hair

It has been proven that rosemary essential oil increases hair growth by 22% when massaged into the scalp. ( By stimulating blood circulation, it promotes new hair growth in balding areas and prevents further balding. In some ancient cultures, rosemary was used as a hair rinse to promote hair growth. 

Not only is it a great oil for hair growth, but it also slows down graying hair.  Its antimicrobial properties promote an overall healthy scalp and  prevent it from developing dandruff

Last but not least, rosemary may be used to prevent hair loss. Mainly because rosemary promotes nerve growth, improves circulation, and has anti-inflammatory properties that are usually an important factor that causes hair loss. 

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The science behind it

A specific component of rosemary called carnosic acid activates the transcription factor that regulates antioxidant responses. It inhibits degradation of nerve growth protecting the tissue from oxidation. Rosemary essential oil can potentially slow down aging and stress factors that affect the scalp and hair. (Neuroscience Research, 2011).

Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Growth


Other ingredients that prevent hair loss

How to use rosemary in hair

Treat problem areas by diluting a few drops of rosemary essential oil (4-5 drops) in olive or grapeseed oil. Apply it to the area that needs to be treated and massage gently. 

For hair growth, heat three spoonfuls of coconut oil, two spoonfuls of rosemary leaves, one teaspoon of castor oil, and two drops of tea tree oil in a small pot. Add one smashed clove of fresh garlic and warm up the mix in “bain marie” until it turns slightly green. 

Let it cool down and filter it with a coffee filter.  Patch-test the mixture on your arm before applying it to the scalp to make sure you are not sensitive to the garlic or the tea tree oil. 

Apply 2 hours before washing your hair, saturate your entire scalp and then massage with the tips of your fingers. The longer you massage, the more you are stimulating your scalp with this natural “potion”. Save any remaining liquid in a glass container and refrigerate for future use. It might solidify but it will melt again when you massage it in your hands.

Use these at-home tips to compliment a hair routine that is constantly replenishing your hair with water, oil, and protein. If you don’t follow The Hair Routine method, complete this online test and receive your personalized hair care routine immediately. Your best hair awaits. 

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