The 4 Steps of The Virtuous Cycle

Being in the virtuous cycle means that you are setting up good goals and working towards their completion because - to you - the reward is worth it. We often find ourselves wanting to change or improve something personal and this is where the virtuous cycle serves as a guide to success, without compromising our values and ultimately guaranteeing long lasting results. 

At The Hair Routine, we set our goals and fulfil them by following this method, giving us the certainty that everything we do and everything we accomplish checks all our company values. 

What’s the Virtuous Cycle And How to Get Into It

Step 1

The first step is setting good goals. Think of something you want to achieve or something you want to do better. Ready? Now consider if this objective - or set of objectives - is aligned with your values. 

When we set up good goals, it is essential to reflect on personal needs as well as the effect that these goals will have on those who will be directly and indirectly affected. 

Step 2

Once you have your good goals set up, you can start taking action. Think of the strategy and the tactics that will be needed.  Sometimes, the goals are not that complex and you don’t necessarily need tactics, but you always need a strategy to determine where to start and where to finish. How to get from point A to point B. All throughout your action plan, the same rule applies: are you setting up tactics that comply with your personal - or company - values? Which takes us to Step 3. 

Step 3

The third step is called ‘planting good seeds’. The actions involved in your strategy must be well thought out and they must follow a set of values. These values or guidelines can be personal if the objective is personal or must be the group’s values if the objective is related to a community. Planting good seeds is the beginning of making this process a cycle. When you create or do things that are good for you and others with the right mindset and within a set of your values then it will become a lifestyle rather than a linear project. 

Step 4

Collect your results, you’ve earned them! As you can see, this step requires no input from you or anyone. 

The last step is about the benefits that you were expecting at step one. After taking action and collecting results, there must be continuity in the process for it to become a cycle. Step four and step one should be  connected so that whatever you do, you keep getting good results.  

How it feels like:

How it really is: 

Following your Hair Routine using the 4-Step Virtuous Cycle

Set up your goal. The objective is to have healthy, natural hair. This is a good goal because it’s an expression of self-love. It is good for you and the final goal does not affect your surroundings. 

Take action. The strategy to get healthy hair has to consider individual characteristics of your hair. 


Complete this online test and answer some questions about your hair type, lifestyle, and hair objectives and receive your personalized Hair Routine. 

Plant good seeds. When you receive your Hair Routine, study it and understand its whys and hows. READ MORE: WHAT IS A HAIR ROUTINE AND WHY FOLLOW ONE. Set up a start and end date for you to be able to compare the results. Good things take time, respect this time. 

Finally, collect:  Hair satisfaction. Is that a thing? Yes!  In order to make it a habit you have to follow the routine as a cycle. Take the online test again after a couple of months, discover your new routine and keep going at it until taking care of your hair becomes a natural process. Long-lasting results only come from commitment.  


You can apply this method to every aspect in your life: giving up a bad habit, your career, health, love life, etc. It’s a self-care strategy. Target the future and make this your new way of living each day. No matter what goals, big or small, you have in mind, you will find that following this cycle is one of the best ways to achieve them.