Bring Your Sexy Hair Back

Heads up! This  subject is real talk and not an easy topic. About two years ago, I started my hair’s transition to its natural form. It was a long and not-at-all-easy process, but I learned a lot through it and I would like to share some of the tips and knowledge that I gathered throughout my journey. 

First things first: be ready for a challenge. Changing or eliminating habits is hard; there's no shortcut or easy way around it. Who knows? You might’ve already tried getting your hair back to its natural form and gave up multiple times. If you ever want to talk about it, we’re here to support you. But believe me when I say: it’s definitely worth the hassle. 

It is time to bring your sexy hair back and break free from what we call the vicious cycle. Now is the time to forget about extensions, straighteners, perm, hair dryers, and relaxers. Forget about quick “fixes” and go for your natural, healthy self.   Ingredients such as petroleum and silicones are the perfect examples of ingredients that only modify temporarily, and then make things worse after their usage is interrupted. 

Some hair transitioning things you should keep in mind before going through the process:

1. This process needs your attention and commitment
. Getting your natural hair back won’t happen unless you change the way you care for your hair. Start a routine that gives your hair exactly what it needs. Try The Hair Routine and start by completing the online test
What is a Hair Routine and Why Follow One?

2. You won’t look like Rapunzel overnight
. Your hair needs time to readjust to its natural form, so you need to give it the time and care it needs; be patient.  It can be slow. It's a process that requires repetition and is built day-by-day. 

“The best things in life take time to be accomplished. Respect this time.”

Think of this period as the teenage phase of your hair, it will grow and transform to become strong and alluring. 

3. Don’t compare yourself to others
.  This is something I tend to do a lot and it is very, very frustrating. You need to always keep in mind that every hair type is different and yours will have its beautiful individuality. 

4. People will make ignorant comments
. Society pushes us to be someone we are not, specifically by making us want to change the way we look. For example, some people perceive frizzy hair as difficult and complicated when, in reality, frizz is just a characteristic of some hair types that tend to have higher porosity levels.  You have to trust yourself and disregard all negative comments. You were born with the right type of hair for YOU! 

5. Warning! Once the process is completed you won’t want to stop touching and playing with your hair
. Imagine the rise of the phoenix, but with less fire and feathers! It will be at its healthiest, stronger and softer than ever. Keep it easy on the twirling though, it may cause breakage of those lovely curls.
Deciding to go natural is a lifestyle choice, not a hairstyle choice. It needs full commitment to see results. Make it a habit  and don’t slack off. 

Take care of yourself  continuously to get results that last.”


If you are thinking of starting your hair transitioning process, we got your back! You can get your free personalized Hair Routine by completing our online test