Bad Habits

 We’ve let ourselves get comfortable, if not addicted, with the beauty industry telling us we are “broken” and that we should look like the standards that they’ve set up, Unfortunately, this only creates a vicious -endless- cycle in which we allegedly “repair” something about ourselves with products that are full of chemicals and nasty stuff. Then we get used to these products, and finally, we realize (or not) that we’ve actually done more damage than before.

Let me give you a very common example:  hair shampoo. Most of the shampoo brands make promises about giving our hair exactly what it needs to be perfect as if it’s not already. Their products are full of parabens, sulfates, and chemicals that irritate the scalp and threaten our health. Later on, they will sell you another product to fix the problem that the first one caused. Get it?  This is the vicious cycle, the one in which we keep “fixing” previous damage that wasn’t even there to begin with.

But what if we teach ourselves to change our mindset and instead of fixing with tools and products that only make things worse, we liberate ourselves from this damaging cycle, start again and never look back.


Let us start with 3 easy-peasy steps to do this.

I am confident that no matter how deep you are in the vicious cycle, there is always a way out.

1. Start your day by appreciating what you have.

Surely there must be something that you are grateful for. Just take a good look and give yourself some love and appreciation, you will be amazed by how much, a positive attitude can influence your everyday life.

2. Go natural!

And I don’t mean #freethenipple kind of natural, but if you want to do it go ahead, it’s liberating. Try to buy beauty and health products that are full of natural ingredients and NO parabens or sulfates. Hey! You can even make your own beauty products; I bet there are tons of tutorials for DIY facemasks and leave-in treatments for your hair.

3. Give it time and patience.

All good things take time, so just relax and enjoy the process of change. A more natural You is a more beautiful you.

I hope these steps will be helpful in freeing yourself from any bad habits you might be fighting against. It will not be easy homework, but it will be rewarding. You will look and feel different, but good different.  And for the record, this does not mean you should never wear makeup again, or you should be ashamed if you want to curl your hair. Don’t get me wrong; I get it! There are fashion trends to follow; there are new looks you want to try. And we all want to feel beautiful, who doesn’t? It’s cool, but don’t forget to pay attention to your body, your skin, and your hair. Now go on, free yourself!