Hairstyles and Tips Depending on Your Workout

Everybody practices different activities for their workout routine, but most of us want to feel confident and comfortable while working out.  Depending on your favorite exercises, here are some hair tips you can try out to protect your hair and feel cute and strong. 

Hair Care Before Your Workout

Sweat contains high amounts of salt that can dry out your hair. To avoid this, try to keep your hair moisturized before and after a workout session.  Apply a tiny amount of silicone-free conditioner at the back of the neck -where your hair ends. This way the strands will stay hydrated even after an intense workout. Another great tip is to make your own hydrating mist using spring water and Panthenol; use a diffuser to spray on your hair constantly. 

Sync Your Hair Routine to Your Workout Routine


Hairstyles for Yoga, Pilates, Meditation

The high bun is perfect for these types of exercise because you’ll have no hair that gets in your face and yet it allows you to lay flat on your back without discomfort. 

Hairstyles for High-impact Cardio 

If you practice Crossfit or Kickboxing, go with a high ponytail and use a headband to absorb the sweat. Try not to use regular elastics that cause breakage and leave an ugly dent for the rest of the day. Some great alternatives are scrunchies, ribbon hair ties, or coil hair ties. 

Hairstyles for Cycling

If you are one who likes to go cycling, especially during the warmer months, try braiding your hair to the side or two braids. This style will fit comfortably under your helmet and will leave pretty waves after you’re done.  Extra tip: moisture your hair before braiding it, using our Balancing Conditioner as a leave-in. 


Hair Care After Your Workout

After your workout, pat-dry the sweat, spray a natural hair perfume made with your favorite essential oils and blow dry using the cold settings from your hairdryer. To regain volume and texture, flip down your head, and rub your scalp with your fingertips while you blow-dry. 

About Dry Shampoo

Avoid it. Try to imagine the combination of sweat and powder: NOT GOOD! It can clog your pores, it can make your scalp itchy, and if your hair is slightly wet when applying it’ll probably just create a bigger mess. 

Using Shampoo

If you’ll be cleansing your hair with sulfate, silicone, petrol-free shampoo; we recommend a monthly exfoliation of the scalp with a combination of sugar, panthenol, and a tiny bit of coconut oil. This will stimulate circulation on the scalp, help remove dirt or product residue, and encourage hair growth

What’s Your Routine?

Synchronizing your hair care routine to your workout routine doesn’t have to be a hassle. Get your personalized Hair Routine HERE and learn how to properly follow it and link it to your workout schedule.