Hair Porosity

Hair porosity means how well your hair is able to absorb and retain moisture. Remember when we talked about hair structure? Let me refresh your memory. The protective outer layer of the hair strand is called: the cuticle. It looks like fish scales or rooftop tiles facing down. Sometimes they are more open and sometimes they are more closed. When cuticles are more open, hair looks frizzy and dry. When cuticles are closed, hair looks smooth and in control.

Hair Porosity | The Hair Routine

As I’ve mentioned before, the hair structure varies from person to person. This also includes hair’s porosity, its capacity to absorb moisture.

The FAMOUS Porosity Test

Use a glass of water to test your hair’s porosity. Take one clean hair and drop it gently in a glass of water. Observe what happens.

Hair Porosity Test | The Hair Routine

If the hair sinks to the bottom…

You have high porosity hair:

  •   The cuticles are wide open.
  •   Your hair easily absorbs water.
  •   You require more product.
  •   It is often frizzy.
  •   It dries quickly.

If the hair stays in the middle …

You have normal porosity hair:

  •   The cuticles are normally opened.
  •   Your hair has bounce and elasticity.
  •   Very little maintenance required.
  •   Holds different styles well.

If the hair floats…

You have low porosity hair:

  •  The cuticles are tightly closed.
  •   Your hair takes a long time to dry up.
  •   Products tend to build up rather than quickly absorb.
  •   Natural oils don’t penetrate, they sit on your hair.
  •   Needs moisturization.

Control the porosity of your hair!

If you have HIGH porosity hair you need to use products that will help the cuticles close down so that your hair can retain moisture.

If you have LOW porosity hair you need to use products that help the cuticles open up just enough so that your hair can be gently cleansed (not stripped), and open to receive any kind of treatment.

Doing this is possible if you have the right products.

How to control frizz?

First and most importantly you have to follow the right routine for your hair, and the only way to know which one is the best… is to take the test and receive your diagnosis.  Cleanse your hair with a shampoo that has a pH level just a bit higher than 5.5 (hair’s pH level), this will help your cuticles slightly open up, cleanse, and be ready to receive treatment.

Treat your hair with a Nourishing mask, depending on your hair’s needs.

After cleansing and masking your hair finish your routine by using a conditioner that has a pH level just a bit lower than 5.5,  this will help your cuticles close back down, smooth out, and retain the treatment inside. 

The Hair Routine’s Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner are made for every type of hair. They have pH levels that work to open the cuticles with the shampoo and close them back down with the conditioner. In addition to that, if you follow a Hair Routine specially made for you, you will be able to treat your hair exactly with what it needs. 

’till next time,