6 Essential Tools For A Complete Hair Routine

The Hair Routine is fully committed when it comes to a full self-care session - aka self-pampering time. A self-care session without the right elements and tools is incomplete and so it’ll be less likely to become something that you´ll want to do as a routine. Applying one of the hair masks is its own ritual and we recommend treating it as such. To follow your Hair Routine and transform it into a habit you’ll need six things:


 A microfiber towel

After cleansing your hair, rinse any remains of shampoo and gently dry your hair so that it’s damp, but not soaking wet. When the hair strands are wet, they are more likely to break easily, use a microfiber towel which is more gentle for the hair. Do not worry if you don’t have one, a cotton t-shirt works just as well. 


A wide-toothed comb

The Hair Routine - 6 Essential Tools For A Complete Hair Routine

There are countless types of brushes and combs, but if you want to apply your treatments evenly and maximize the use of your products you’ll have to “divide and conquer”. With your wide tooth comb, comb through the knots for a smooth surface and split your hair into sections: top and bottom, or left and right.


Hair clips

The Hair Routine - 6 Essential Tools For A Complete Hair Routine

Then you’ll need a hair clip that is big enough to hold your hair up when you divide it into sections. Clip the top section at the highest point of your head and leave the bottom section free.


A Wooden or Plastic Spoon

The Hair Routine -6 Essential Tools For A Complete Hair Routine

Once your hair is sectioned and you have the lower half down, use a wooden or plastic spoon to scoop out more or less one teaspoon of the product. Avoid using your fingers to not alter the pH of the mask. Apply it evenly throughout the free section. Then release the other section of your hair and apply a second scoop to the rest of it. Use more or less product depending on your hair length; you’ll want to make sure everything is covered but not saturated. 

A Shower Cap

The Hair Routine- 6 Essential Tools For A Complete Hair Routine

You’ll need that hair clip from before to place your hair up in a bun. If you have short hair, this is not necessary. Wear a shower cap while the treatment works its magic on your hair. We recommend 5 - 15 min. for regular use and 20-60 min. for a deep conditioning with the Moisture or Nurture masks. The shower cap keeps a nice, warm, and humid environment that will allow the strands to fully absorb the treatment. 

After the recommended time, remove the shower cap and the hair clip. Hop back in the shower and rinse off the hair mask thoroughly, then apply a Balancing Conditioner to seal the cuticles with all the benefits of the treatment inside. 


Your Hair Routine Calendar  

Last but not least you’ll want to know exactly which treatment you should do next time. Complete the test to build your Hair Routine along with your personal calendar to guide you through each step and product.