6 Reasons Why Your Hair Might Change Texture

Many factors can contribute to changes in your hair’s color and texture. Throughout your life, your hair structure will change and evolve as you age. Hormonal changes, health issues, and even stress can all be reasons for your hair to change. Here’s a list of the most common reasons why this happens: 

Changing hormones, metabolism, exposure to pollutants, chemical procedures, and overall internal health. 


1. Stress

Telogen effluvium is a condition that is triggered after a shocking event or high-levels of stress. Telogen effluvium causes temporary hair thinning. Hair suffers a shock and the growth cycle is interrupted which results in large amounts of hair fall out, leaving empty spots in the scalp. It is not permanent, though, and the lost hair does grow back. 


2. Heat

Abusing the use of hairdryers, curling irons, and straightening irons will eventually change the texture of your hair. Not only do these tools burn the cuticle but they create bubbles inside the hair shaft thanks to the heat and the water inside the strands. The texture of the hair becomes coarse, easily breakable, and dull. 


3. Aging

Just like skin, you’ll realize that your hair isn’t the same as it used to be when you were a child and will have to accept that it won’t be the same when you reach 40+ years old. Hair builds-up on hydrogen peroxide which destroys the natural pigments inside the shaft. Aging will also change the texture of your hair because the diameter of the strands becomes smaller and your hair becomes less full. 


4. Genetics

Aging hair is determined by genetics. When and how it will happen mostly has to do with your DNA. It is most likely that you’ll start showing the first signs of aging around the same age your parents did.


5. Health

Your overall health is one of the most important factors for your hair texture to shift. Not getting all the necessary nutrients is reflected in the strength of your hair, causing it to get thinner and break more easily. For example, vitamin D deficiency can cause the hair to thin out. Thyroid problems cause the hair growth cycle to slow down as well and can even change its texture, making it coarser. 


6. Pregnancy

Generally, a great hormonal change will also be reflected in your skin as well as in your hair. 

Oftentimes during pregnancy, hair can dramatically change the texture. It can change from being curly to flatten out and look straighter than usual. The good news is that it will also look and feel healthier thanks to the levels of estrogen in our system. After giving birth, hair goes back to its original growth cycle, which at the beginning can cause a bit of thinning and shedding. 

The constant shifting processes of hair and skin can be somewhat overwhelming, but they are completely normal. Women go through hormonal changes and men tend to lose their hair. Following a proper hair care routine and receiving expert guidance can help you understand and treat your hair correctly when it is needed. 

If you are going through one of these and your hair is changing or not feeling healthy, schedule a call with The Hair Talk. A free service where you can book 15-minute appointments and speak with us about any hair questions you may have.