The top hairstyles for this summer

The temperature is rising and my hair knows it. –Insert frizz here-. 

With the arrival of summer, we can’t help but think of the cute outfits and fresh hairstyles of the season. We’ve put together the trendiest hairstyles for this summer and we’ve made sure not to include braids exclusively but, rather, some head scarfs and hairpins.

The 4 favorites


Hairpins are making a successful comeback this season and you can get them almost anywhere these days. If you are in Montreal, we recommend visiting one of our favorite boutiques, Elle and Jane, which happens to carry the most beautiful selection of hair pins and other hair accessories.

Summer 2021 Hairstyles: hair pins

Source: Pinterest

Head Scarfs

A favorite style for this summer will be accessorizing long and short haircuts with a head scarf. They look good on everybody and protect the hair from any possible sun damage.

Head Scarf The Hair Routine



Another great comeback from the good old days – the 90s. Accessorize your wrist with a couple of them and have them ready to tie your hair up into a bun or just a loose ponytail to avoid damaging the strands.

Summer 2021 hairstyles: Scrunchies

Source: Pinterest


Classic. The forever go-to style during the summer. There are so many styles to choose from, but here are the ones we consider the favorites amongst The Hair Routine team members. 

Summer 2021 Hairstyles: braids

Photo Credit: @amaka.hamelijnck

Extra Tip

It is very important to protect the hair from the sunlight and the heat in order to avoid permanent damage. Use a silicone-free conditioner like The Hair Routine Conditioner – as a leave-in after washing your hair. Just one drop or two, depending on your hair’s length, and you’ll be good to conquer the summer! Follow a hair routine that’s right for your hair type and needs. Complete this online test and receive your personalized hair routine. You can also download the app to follow along with the right treatments and stay on top of your hair game.