Hair Transitioning: What it Really Means


Hair Transitioning

Hair transitioning means undergoing a process of change to reverse hair damage caused by chemical treatments. To undergo this process of transition means being ready to make a change. A fresh haircut, a new style, or a different version of yourself means you are looking for improvement and we are all for that. 

It’s a transformation that is undergone to become one’s true self and it can vary from letting your hair grow back to its natural state to changing sex. On the quest to become whoever you want to be, transitioning should always be focused on you and no one else. 

The beauty and fashion industries set standards of “the perfect hair” that create unrealistic expectations for many who don’t fall under certain characteristics. We believe that embracing one's true self is the greatest form of self-love. 

Is there a way we can liberate ourselves from these stereotypes and just love and care every bit of ourselves?

Everyone has a different relationship with their hair, learning more about your hair type and what it really needs in order to be at its best is the first step towards acceptance and self-love. 

4 Hair Types: Determine Which is Yours

Transitioning has been a “buzz word” in the beauty industry for a few years now. In the hair care world, transitioning means stopping all treatments that are meant to change the true nature of the strands and going “au naturel”.  For some, it takes years to fully transition to natural hair, but the standard is 1.5 years. It requires commitment to a different lifestyle without any heating tools nor chemical hair treatments. Initially, it is recommended to use hair products that don’t contain silicones nor petrol derivatives. The first few months are the most difficult ones due to the awkwardness of how the hair strand grows at the root. With time, your hair will become at ease with its natural shape and steadily, it will feel and look better. By the end of the transition, the hair is fully reinvigorated and it naturally falls into its original shape (depending on your hair type) in addition to the fact that it will feel smoother, stronger, and generally healthier than ever.

You can always learn to identify what your hair really needs to flourish in its natural state. Complete this online test to receive your ideal personalized hair care routine. Transitioning and letting your hair grow naturally is a  powerful form of self-love and self-expression; you just have to trust the process and trust yourself.