Everything You Need to Know About Scalp Exfoliation

If you want healthy hair, you want to take care of your scalp as if you were taking care of your face. We don’t often think of this but our scalp is the continuation of our face.  Taking care of our skin is very important because it’s our largest organ and the one with the highest capability of absorbing substances into our bloodstream. Exfoliating the scalp might be exactly what we were all missing for a more complete hair care regimen. 

3 Reasons Why Your Hair Routine Should Be As Important As Your Skincare Routine

Exfoliating the scalp optimizes the overall environment for a healthier hair-growth process. It also purifies and refreshes the scalp. So, if you’ve ever suffered from scalp itchiness or flakiness, this might be one of the best ways to tackle these issues. 

Why exfoliate the scalp?

No need to have a scalp issue to implement this new step to your hair routine. Just like with our face, exfoliating the scalp will remove impurities, dirt, oil, or any product build-up. In return, you will be encouraging circulation in the scalp and a healthier version of your hair. 

Ingredients that are great for exfoliation?

Sugar: a natural exfoliator to polish dead skin away  - ditch polymer beads-  and that also moisturizes the hair thanks to its hydrating properties. 

Honey: a natural skin moisturizer.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA): To exfoliate and purify the skin. Remember that for any products that we apply externally to be effective on the skin they must pass the epidermal layer and reach living cells within the dermis. Glycolic Acid is the AHA with the smallest molecules which allows it to penetrate the skin easily. It is a natural fruit acid so it does a gentle exfoliation to the scalp and it conditions the hair to make it softer and easier to handle. You’ll want to pay attention to the pH level of the GA of your choice because the smaller that number is, the deeper the exfoliation. 

Peppermint, Lemongrass, or Chamomile: soothing and refreshing ingredients to accompany the exfoliation process. The Repair Treatment from The Hair Routine has lemongrass essential oil as one of its main ingredients. 


How to exfoliate?

Mix a few key ingredients with a natural exfoliator - like sugar - and apply a spoonful of the mix into your scalp. Your hair can be slightly wet or dry, but we recommend exfoliating before shampooing. Avoid using your nails because they can cause more damage, instead, use only your fingertips and press the mix against the scalp gently in a circular motion. If using direct acids, you can find tonics or serums with a low percentage of glycolic acid that is suitable for the scalp, apply preferably at night, and consult with a dermatologist for sensible skin.