The Minimalistic Approach to Beauty

Minimalism: A style or technique that is marked by extreme spareness and simplicity.

Most of us perhaps understand minimalism through home decoration concepts or as an approach to fashion. In decoration and design, a minimalist approach is a style that resonates with adjectives such as modern, fresh, and high-end. Applied to a lifestyle, minimalism occupies the same rules: low-clutter, clean, simple, high-end, and timeless. 


Low-clutter, clean, simple, high-end, and timeless.

As brands release new lines and products to “fix” problems we didn’t even think we had, our beauty regimens have become increasingly complex. The cosmetics industry is one that has grown at a very high-speed which contributes to a notable amount of waste.  The Environmental Working Group (EWG) revealed that, in 2007, the average woman used 9 products containing 126 unique ingredients every single day. This results in a production of more than 120 billion units of packaging for the cosmetics industry every year (Zero Waste Week). 

Fortunately, each year consumers grow more curious and become more educated about the formulas and products that are being offered to them. We demand non-toxic products in sustainable packaging created by ethical companies. We know we deserve this and we know we can get it all. We know that buying better and choosing well is a practical, economical, and sustainable solution for environmental problems and for decluttering. ⁠

The Hair Routine line, with all hair essentials.


Minimalism in products

The “less is more” movement is taking over the market with beauty products that have multiple functions. For example, creamy tint bars that serve as lipstick, blush, and eye shadow have become increasingly popular and demanded by makeup lovers. The same is true for the hair care industry. A Conditioner can now serve as a leave-in and conditioner wash as well.

The Hair Routine multifuncional Balancing Conditioner.


We want to declutter our cabinets and bathroom counters and have a minimalistic self-care routine with formulas that have fewer but more potent ingredients. 

Stripping back on our daily self-care routine means that we need to focus on what’s really essential and what works for our hair and skin. 

Minimalism in beauty in practice:

  1. Make sure to not have multiple of the same product. You know you don’t need 3 different shampoos in your shower!
  2. Give multifunctional products a chance. 
  3. Try to not accumulate products you don’t use or are expired; 
  4. Make sure you know the functionality of all your products and the proper way of  using them to get the most of each. 
  5. Make sure all your products are made to work well together. 
  6. Last, but not least, buy higher quality products that provide long-lasting results so you don’t have to buy as much.

A minimalistic hair care routine

The Hair Routine offers a hair care routine that is minimalistic and personalized. 

The Hair Routine is a method of taking care of the strands by alternating between three hair treatments: Moisture, Nurture, and Repair.

Each treatment targets a specific hair concern. All hair types need the same three elements, in varying quantities and frequencies, to treat the strands and maintain their long-term health.

By completing an online test, anybody can get their routine and follow it according to their own schedule. In addition to that, all The Hair Routine products are created with minimalistic formulas and are completely free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, petrochemicals, sodium chloride, formaldehyde, phthalates, artificial coloring or fragrances, and PEGs, MEAs, TEAs, DEAs.

We know, however, that building a new habit can be tough and that’s why we created a solution to make it simpler.

As part of our mission of making clean, functional, and smart hair care as accessible as possible, we have set up a tool to help you get started with a very simple and straightforward hair care experience. Instead of having to go with all treatments and alternate between them based on your routine, we can now recommend the most essential treatment that will get you the most results right away. We hope that this will help you slowly start to make this a continuous habit and expand to a complete routine. 

You can start by answering a few questions about your hair here. Once you are done, we will recommend the products that your hair needs the most and will get you the most immediate results.