What is plopping?

“Plopping” is an indispensable step in a curly girl’s hair routine. This step, right before the hair starts to dry, could make the difference between defined or frizzy curls. 

Plopping is based on popular methods that have encouraged many to let their curls grow naturally. You see, curls are more defined when they are wet and conditioned, but there’s a split minute when everything changes and the strands expand, resulting in frizz. Because curly hair is naturally dryer and more sensitive than other hair types, plopping is a great alternative to using heating tools to define the curls. 

What is plopping?

Plopping is a drying technique that helps your curls keep their shape even after they’ve dried out. Plopping absorbs excess water from the hair without taking too much of the moisture out and without roughing out the cuticle, which creates a soft, natural curly style without the need for crunch. 

How to plop your hair?

  1. After washing your hair, lay down a cotton t-shirt or towel on a bed or couch. 
  2. Place the t-shirt facing opposite to you, as if you were about to wear it. 
  3. Lay your head down and place your hair in the middle of the t-shirt. 
  4. Criss-cross the ends of the t-shirt, wrapping the lower half of your head.
  5. Bring the collar back to the neck and wrap the sleeves around your forehead.
  6. Tie the sleeves up in a knot. Be sure to tie it securely, but not too tight. 

Go about your day and let the t-shirt absorb the extra water from your hair. You can get dressed, do your skincare and makeup and other things without your hair getting in the way. The ideal time to leave your hair wrapped with the t-shirt is 15-20 minutes. We don’t recommend leaving it for longer as it might increase the risk of fungal infection and hair breakage. 

If you wish to give your hair that extra wave with definition but without any heat, we definitely recommend adding this step to your hair routine. Wash with a Balancing Shampoo, treat your waves with a hair treatment -use a different treatment depending on what your hair needs- and condition it with our Balancing Conditioner, which can be used as a leave-in cream as well. While your hair is still wet, add your favorite silicone-free leave-in and plop your hair with a soft fabric. Elevate your hair rituals and learn what your personalized routine should be depending on your hair type. 

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