Determine if Your Hair Needs Water or Oil

How to know if my hair needs a moisturizing or a nourishing treatment?

What you’ll learn:

  • How to know if my hair needs a moisturizing or a nourishing treatment?
  • The difference between a nourishing and a moisturizing treatment
  • Why is water important for my hair routine?
  • Why is oil important for my hair routine?
  • Identifying if my hair needs water or oil. 
  • How to maintain my hair’s health? 

    A solid hair routine consists of more than just shampoo and conditioner. As you may already know, hair needs to be constantly replenished with three elements in order to be healthy: water, oil, and protein. These three elements are equally important and depend on each other for overall hair health. Nevertheless, one must identify the ideal combination and balance of each of them to obtain the ultimate results. Some hair types will require more water while others will require more oil. The ideal routine will depend on different variables such as the hair type, the level of damage, the porosity of the strands, the weather, and other factors.

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    Difference between a nourishing and a moisturizing treatment

    The confusion is grounded in the way most hair care products are labeled and we understand it can be confusing.

    A treatment that moisturizes or hydrates the strands must have ingredients that help absorb and retain water. On the other hand, a treatment that replenishes the strands with oils nourishes the strands and leaves them shiny and frizz-free. 

    Why is water important for my hair routine?

    Water replenishment is what makes the hair feel softer, more bouncy, and adds  elasticity. Water is essential for carrying vitamins and nurturing elements, and also very important to balance out the strands in case of an excess of protein. Hair has the ability to be affected by the water in the environment which is why it can become frizzy in humid conditions as it absorbs water from the air.

    Why is oil important for my hair routine?

    Oil is the element that makes hair grow with a healthy shine and less frizz. Oil smooths down the cuticles to avoid micro-damage that is invisible to the eye but detrimental to healthy hair growth. 
    natural oil produced by the scalp has the function of constantly nourishing the follicles, adding shine, and smoothing down the strands, but as our hair gets longer, it gets harder to reach the length and ends. That’s why it’s essential to use external oil treatments to have this function.

    Identifying if my hair needs water or oil: 

    Learning what your hair really needs can be overwhelming at first. Look out for these signs:

    • When the strands feel brittle and dry, your hair is in need of some water. 
      The Moisture Treatment helps control the amount of water your hair absorbs and retains. Look for ingredients such as sugar, aloe vera, and vitamin B5.


    • When the strands lack shine and look dull, they need to be replenished with oil.
      The Nurture Treatment rebalances the oils and controls frizz. Generally speaking, thick hair needs more oil than fine hair.

    How can I maintain my hair’s health? 

    Hair needs a combination of both water and oil to be healthy.  Follow a complete hair routine that replenishes the hair strands with water, oil and protein. This hair care method comes from Brazilian origins and is called the Cronograma Capilar or Capillary Schedule. It has been shown to be super effective at bringing hair back to its healthiest state ever.

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