Trending Haircuts 2021

Three Haircuts to Look Forward to This Year

Goodbye 2020, you won’t be missed. Hello 2021, we’re excited to receive you. 

After months of staying home wearing sweatpants - or what some like to call them: loungewear - baking banana bread, learning how to make amazing coffee, and cutting our own bangs, we can’t wait to put down the lazy bun and show off those curls. But given the fact that we still have to endure a few more months of working from home and low-maintenance looks, we’re graciously taking this time to study the biggest hair trends to come, so that as soon as salons open we can be on top of our hairstyle game again. 

The Shag

Haircut: The Shag

PC: The Undercut 

Nothing screams “rebel” like the shaggy look.  The unisex haircut became popular in the early 70s thanks to celebrities such as David Bowie and Jane Fonda, and it has made a comeback, naturally, because it gives the bed-head look a fun twist. Rock this look by styling your waves au naturel with a leave-in conditioner (make sure it doesn’t have any added silicones that could weigh your hair down). It can be personalized based on your hair’s texture and to the length of your preference.

The Curtain Fringe

Haircut: The Curtain Fringe

PC: Pinterest 

Just like Bridget Bardot, it now seems like everyone coming out of quarantine wants a curtain fringe. During the lockdown, we saw women experimenting with cutting their own bangs through social media. Some did a great job and some are growing them back and giving it a second chance by parting it through the middle and recreating this 80s inspired look. The wispy fringe gives an overall bouncy look that doesn’t feel too heavy thanks to the upside down “V” shape that just sweeps the cheekbones and can be styled in a fully natural way that makes us feel sexy.

The Blunt Bob

Haircut: The Blunt Bob

Model: Julianne Hough

PC: Riwana Capri

We saw the grown out lob in previous years, but this shorter haircut is back!  A short and sleek cut that frames the face at the jawline, it’s all about the razor-sharp lines so be sure to visit a specialist in these types of haircuts. This hairstyle is easy to wear and to style yet is still extremely chic. Use a heat protector if you want to style it straight or simply wear it naturally to add a punch.


Overall, this year we’ll keep on learning about our natural hair and how to take better care of it. Following a personalized Hair Routine that replenishes the hair with what it really needs allows us to wear any of these styles while still keeping it healthy.