The 5 Tips to Grow Your Hair Faster

Why does hair grow?

Hair growth follows a natural cycle. The follicles underneath the scalp are nurtured by the blood vessels beneath. The cycle of hair growth follows four stages: anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen and although there are multiple factors that affect this cycle, there are some tips you can follow to continue growing the hair strands to achieve long luscious hair. 


  1. Avoid washing your hair frequently. Evaluate your hair situation and start by washing it every other day. The ideal situation is washing your hair once or twice a week. The natural oils that your body produces to nurture the strands are precious and by washing your hair daily, you strip your scalp of these nurturing oils which aid healthy hair growth. 

  2. Remember, beauty also comes from the inside. By maintaining a healthy diet, rich in vitamins such as A, B and C, you will see the positive results on your scalp and hair. 

  3. Inverted massages are great for stimulating hair growth; do so when shampooing your hair with the Balancing Shampoo. Once your hair is completely wet, add the right amount of product to the scalp, turn your head down and massage gently. Do this every time you cleanse your hair to improve blood circulation and help grow your hair faster. 

  4. Have sweet dreams! Sleep is essential for our body and that includes the hair strands – to grow,  recover, and recharge. 

  5. Follow a Routine to maintain the hair’s health. A big part of hair growth is not having to trim it as often. By following a Hair Routine, the strands’ length and ends’ health is improved by balancing the right mix of water, oil, and protein. Complete our test to receive your customized Hair Routine and to know which components your specific hair needs to stay healthy. 

Overall, every one of these points is related to having a healthy lifestyle and conscious routines. After all, self-care is self-love and we all know the benefits we get from caring for ourselves.