Slow Beauty

The Beauty Trend We Actually Need

It isn’t a novelty that our fast-paced lifestyle has had a terrible impact on the environment, but the trends predicted for this new decade may bring some hope to all things lost. Drastic changes in some of our most harmful habits have been happening for the past few years, and it’s this slowing down which is bound to become the trend that rules them all.  Funny enough, mother nature has worked her magic and literally forced us to stay put and rethink our priorities. We love it! 


Two major factors have influenced the fast-paced lifestyle: 


Within consumerist industries such as beauty, retail, exercise, restoration, electronics, etc. Who has the cheapest, fastest, newest products? Who can give you the fastest results by inputting the least effort? Those are the questions that consumers are using to get results faster and pain-free. 


Between what we want and what we need, these terms are generally not well defined in our heads when it comes to making a decision towards a purchase. 

Less is more

Awareness towards the two previous points opens the possibility to reconsider our consumption patterns. However, it’s also understandable that having the convenience of online shopping makes it harder to be fully mindful of our shopping habits. Slowing down will benefit you and those around you in a most impactful way, so we encourage you to do it in all aspects possible: beauty and fashion, mentally and physically. 

What is Slow Beauty?

Compared to slow fashion, where staple timeless pieces govern the wardrobe and quality over price is considered the rule of thumb, we could state that slow beauty is a very similar concept. Slow beauty is a minimalist approach to all things related to beauty and self-care: makeup, fragrances, skincare, mouth care,  and hair care. 

How to engage in slow beauty?  

  • Seek out timeless beauty products. One or two perfumes that define your personal fragrance. A couple of lipsticks that you know are the staple of your style. A hair care line that is minimal and that’ll give you exactly what your hair needs and only when it needs it. 


  • Be mindful of your desires and understand the reasons behind your purchases. Satisfying an emotional state with a temporary fix is not the best solution. 


  • Pause and reflect before making a move. Do you already have this item at home? What will you use it for and how often? What are others saying about these products and will they work for my needs?  Are the ingredients toxic, or is it a clean product? Is the price worth it? 


  • Look for high-quality products by reading and understanding the ingredient list. By law, the ingredients have to be listed in order of quantity in the formula. So if your shampoo has Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (soap) in the first five ingredients, you’ll see that it’s comparable to the dish soap in your kitchen.


  • Stop expecting next-day results. Good things take time, respect that time. When you trust a brand and its products, commit to a self-care routine and see the results that it brings you. 


  • Life goes fast. Slow down and savor the rewards of your efforts. 


  • Enjoy the process of acquiring things (thrifted or new), starting a new routine, or learning something new. 


  • Start investing in your lifestyle and be conscious of the things you acquire on the way to your future. Having the latest item, or the most popular brand will not give you long-term satisfaction. 


We need fast growth for slow beauty!

Becoming a mindful consumer takes time and practice. There'll be times where it gets hard thanks to the marketing efforts of brands that want you to purchase their latest products. Nevertheless, once you are convinced of the benefits of slowing down and start practicing it, you’ll have enough tangible rewards to make it part of your lifestyle.