Hair Trends 2022

Trending styles and hair care tips that will make you feel like a new person this year. 

Pinterest has become a favorite tool for many to get inspiration for a project or a potential purchase. Millions of people use it daily to search for new ideas or find all types of trends for different topics, for example: hair. 

“In the past month alone, there were over 120 million searches for hair and over 5 billion Pins were created related to hair on Pinterest.”  (Total searches during the four week period of 6/21/21 - 7/21/21 containing the word “hair”; Pinterest internal data, global.)

We’ve analyzed what’s starting to trend in terms of hair styles and hair care and decided to let you peek into the future. This analysis is divided into color, cut, and style trends. 

Hair Color Trends 2022

Ginger Brunette

This is not your usual fire red nor violet-toned red. This tone is more copper based since it’s created with predominantly orange tones that give a tone that can warm up any skin color. 

Chiara Ferragani Ginger Brunette

Credit Photo: Chiara Ferragani 

Mushroom Brown 

The base for this hair color is an ashy gray and it can be highlighted with cooler browns that range from light to dark depending on the preference.  

And what a better way to transition from the hair color trends to the haircut trends than by mentioning the shaved head dye designs.

Hair Trends 2022 -Mushroom Brown

Credit Photo: @andrewlovescolor 

Shaved Head Colored-Designs  

Without a doubt the liveliest of all the 2022 trends. A shaved head makes for a great canvas, and if you get a go at it, IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE. From a full neon pink head to a work of art with smiley faces, this hairstyle follows no rules, and we love it. 

Hair Trends 2022 - Colored Shaving

Credit Photo: Pinterest (source unknown) 

Haircut Trends 2022


The French Girl Bob

Characterized by a blunt chin-length bob and a fringe that looks great straight or wavy, this haircut is effortlessly chic. It’s not overstyled and perfect to carry air dried or a little messier. 

Hair Trends 2022 - The French Girl Bob

Credit Photo: Pinterest (source unknown) 

The Wolf Cut

After its big comeback from the 80’s this year and still going strong for the next one, this haircut has added texture and fun to our lives. Perfect at a collarbone length and adding density in the top layers, this haircut styles perfectly with a full fringe or a curtain fringe.  

Hair Trends 2022 - The Short Shag

Credit Photo: Pinterest (source unknown)

The Mullet

This haircut has also made a comeback from the past. The sides are shaved or trimmed to make way for a short-length ponytail at the neckline. 

Hair Trends 2022 - The Mullet

Photo Credit: Element Station 

Hairstyling Trends 2022

Middle Parted Sleek 

The hairstyle that says: “I haven’t washed my hair in 5 days, but I look clean and sophisticated.” Using your natural hair oil to your advantage, part your hair in the middle with a perfectly straight line, brush it perfectly and place it into a low ponytail or bun. You can add accessories or wear it clean and simple. 

Hair Trends 2022 - Middle Parted Sleek

Credit Photo: Pinterest (@aella) 

Curls and Waves

This natural hairstyle is easy and relaxed. It adds texture and volume, and it doesn't require hours to style in the morning because you’re letting your hair take its natural course. According to Pinterest trends: “​​In 2022, people will celebrate natural texture with big hair styling techniques.”  (Pinterest Trends 2021)


Air Bangs

What started as a Korean trend has spread to the Western side of the world and rightly so. The air bangs are super thin and create a nice natural looking frame for the eyes. And, because the bangs are so thin and don’t cover the forehead entirely, they work very well with all face shapes. 

Hair Trends 2022 - Air Bangs

Credit Photo: Pinterest (@r-ruby)

Hair Care Trends 2022

Au Naturel

Top hair searches on Pinterest are personalized, for example: <<natural hair twists protective>> has been searched 15 more times and <<best haircuts for thick wavy hair>> 13 more times than usual in the past 6 months. This shows that people are interested in learning to embrace and style their natural hair texture. 


Based on searches made in the US and Canada, sulfate-free products are the most sought after in the last 6 months. Consumers are aware of the negative effects of sulfates used in self-care products and are increasingly searching for sulfate free alternatives. 

Hair Care Routine

A mix of slow beauty and self care: following a routine for hair just like we do for skin is the trend that will change our relationship with hair. Hair requires certain elements in order to be healthy: water, oil, and protein. Many factors such as hair type, damage level, and location determine how much and how often water, oil, and protein are needed. In order to determine the best routine for your hair, complete this online test and receive your personalized routine.