Let’s talk sustainability

With the 2020s kicking off, I’m excited to see what our goals and actions will be -speaking for all human beings- in making this a safer and healthier planet for everyone.

What are the challenges and efforts that the beauty industry faces when it comes to sustainability? 

That’s why we’ve decided to look at the challenges that the beauty industry is facing and the efforts it’s making when it comes to sustainability.

Let’s talk sustainability | The Hair Routine

Sustainability in the beauty industry

Cosmetics, hair products, skincare products, and many others will -almost inevitably- end up in the garbage. This garbage will ultimately end up somewhere, such as a landfill or even in our oceans. And to make matters worse, containers for beauty products are harder to recycle because of the chemicals and toxic included in the ingredients.

Choosing brands and products that use sustainable packaging is one way to cut back on the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills and oceans. Selecting one material over another requires high levels of research. Which one is better? Aluminum, PET, or glass? It all depends on the purpose of the packaging and what a company decides to do with it once it has served its purpose. We’ve put together a few facts that might guide consumers and, hopefully, other brands to reconsider the material they use for their products.

According to RecycleNation.com, plastic should be the last option. It is extremely complicated to obtain the oil and natural gases needed to produce PET, and the process to obtain them is harmful to the environment as well. Plastic can only be recycled once or twice before being thrown in the trash for it to decompose in a couple of hundred years.

Alternatively, glass and aluminum are 100% recyclable and can go through the process over and over. The downside of aluminum is that the resources needed for its production. “ …bauxite must be mined from the earth ...which is  harmful to the environment and can lead to water contamination, erosion, and habitat destruction.”(RecycleNation.com, 2017)

What makes a brand sustainable?

A brand is sustainable when it operates in a manner that projects the importance of environmental and social benefits as a differentiating factor. Sustainability can be reflected in some or many of the operational processes of a company. For example, if the packaging used to deliver products is made of materials that can decompose or that can be reused several times for other purposes. There are many details that a company should consider in order to produce something while GIVING BACK to the planet.  

Cutting down on waste is likely to move from simply being a trend to becoming a lifestyle in the near future. With sustainability at the top of everyone’s mind, The Hair Routine has developed three treatments – Moisture, Nurture, and Repair- that come in tempered glass jars that are easy to recycle or re-purpose.  Packaging has been one of the major challenges for the company, and now all our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint have been directed at designing new packaging for the Balancing Bundle as well. The new bottles will feature the same tempered glass as the three hair masks and minimal packaging for the glass bottles to be protected from impact. 

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