5 Tips to Take Care of Gray Hair

Make Your Gray Hair Strive

Even though we fully acknowledge how strikingly beautiful it is to sport shades of silver hair, more often than not we’re scared of trying this look out ourselves. 

Hair can start losing pigment from the age of 17 and sometimes even sooner. It’s a natural process in which the follicles stop producing melanin And has nothing to do with age and more to do with our DNA. Some people also say that stress can accelerate the process of graying hair, but there is no conclusive clinical proof for that. A very interesting fact is that our DNA also determines the shades of gray that we get over time. 

Silver hair is a major style statement, but it does take a little bit of work to help it stay healthy. We recommend following these tips: 

First and foremost, do not pluck gray hairs when they start to sprout. Once or twice will do no damage, but as time goes by more gray hairs will grow and plucking them out “can damage the follicle and never grow back”. It’s better to have gray hair than no hair, right? 

The natural color of hair, without any melanin, has a yellow undertone. To keep the cool tones, well, cooler, condition your hair with a blue-toned product once every few weeks. These products help neutralize the brassiness of the yellow and give the hair a shiny hue that accentuates the skin and eye colors. 

With the loss of melanin, hair texture also changes because oil glands produce less natural oil. The strands grow dryer and coarser making them seem dull. It’s necessary to treat the hair and add Nurture to your Hair Routine. To know more about the Hair Routine that you should be following depending on your hair situation, complete this test and receive your personalized routine. 

Avoid product build up. With silver shades, hair tends to look greasier and dirtier. Skip products that make your hair look heavy such as silicones and petrol derivatives, specially dimethicone. Use a clarifying shampoo every 3 months. 

Avoid heat more than ever. Without the melanin, hair strands have absolutely no protection against UV rays or heat. Using a heat protectant all the time and covering the hair from direct sunlight will help keep it healthy and strong. 

We asked Sheila O’Callaghan, an Irish model based in Rio de Janeiro who has been leaving her hair gray for the past 10 years, how she takes care of natural gray hair?

I never wash my hair very often, even in the past, but now I probably wash it once a week. I never blow dry it either. Once every two weeks I will do a mix of castor oil with a few drops of rosemary essential oil, and a bit of coconut oil. I leave that on my hair the whole day, sometimes I even sleep with it and then when I wash it out my hair feels extremely soft and silky. I think it’s an incredible natural conditioner for my hair. Finally, I visit my hair specialist in London once a year to have a professional haircut and to tone down any yellow undertones from the graying strands. 

If you are considering stopping your weekly touch ups and letting your hair go naturally gray, complete this Hair Routine test and receive your personalized routine to know what your hair really needs.