Bleaching my hair, should I do it?

Yes, I wanted to bleach my hair because I wanted a change. I’ve never really done it though…I am scared I won’t like it or regret it and because it will leave irreparable damage in my hair. So, is it worth it? 

How does bleaching work?

Through the process of oxidation, bleaching will open the cuticles and remove the color from the hair. Ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are the ones that will strip the hair of its natural pigment. With just one application of bleach, your hair will go four or five times lighter. If you leave the application of bleach for too long, it will turn your hair almost white with a slight shade of yellow because that is the core color of hair’s protein. 

Bleaching my hair, should I do it? | The Hair Routine

Is it dangerous to bleach?

No, not when done by a professional. But be advised that it could melt your hair or burn your scalp slightly if not done correctly. If your hair is already very damaged, you should go through an intense reparation process before deciding to bleach. 

How to prevent damage from bleaching?

Pro tip: the night before bleaching, apply organic olive oil or coconut oil all over your hair and go to your appointment like that! (Yes, with oil all over your hair). This will nourish it an extra bit more before the oxidation process. Wink wink! 

Final decision?

Not today. Damage from bleaching can be hard to repair and that includes dry, brittle and inelastic hair.  Even if I am following my Hair Routine to the dot, I am not ready to take the risk. When hair goes through the process of bleaching, the structure of proteins gets damaged and so it becomes more porous and vulnerable. If you follow your hair routine you will have a personalized routine with extra protein treatments to help restore all the keratin lost from bleaching. In case you don't have a routine yet, you can follow your hair routine by visiting The Hair Routine.

Will I ever do it?

Sure. Maybe when I will be between getting a haircut or bleaching. I will choose to bleach my hair, and if I regret it, I will opt for the haircut. No matter what, I always trust that The Hair Routine will save me. 

Religiously following a routine to take care of my hair has changed the way I think of it. I know that no matter what, being constant with my treatments and loving my hair… will overcome any past or future damage.