Hairstyles for Winter Sports

We all want to feel confident and comfortable while working out, this includes even the best athletes in the world. Every sport requires very specific techniques and equipment, which is why they also usually come with specific hairstyles. 

Also, the inevitably low temperatures associated with winter sports tend to complicate everything. So, here are some great hair tips that we recommend to protect your hair, according to your favorite winter sport. 

Before hitting the slopes - or enjoying any other winter sport - Moisturize!

Sweat contains high amounts of salt that, in combination with the cold wind, can dry out your hair. To avoid this, keep your hair moisturized before and after any winter activity. Apply a tiny amount of leave-in conditioner on the areas you usually sweat the most: the top of your head and around your neck. This way, the strands will stay hydrated even after an intense workout.

Another option to keep the strands protected and in place is to take advantage of pre-poo while you have fun. Apply a spoonful of your preferred oil and spread it all over your hair. Then, style your hair in the way you’re most comfortable and clean it off with a Balancing Shampoo after you’re done with the activity. 

Ice Skating  

Try a sleek high or low bun using a gentle hair elastic and a dollop of silicone-free, leave-in conditioner. This style is perfect for this form of exercise because you won’t have any hair getting in your face and causing discomfort. If you prefer using hair gel, make sure you use one that doesn’t have any alcohol or silicones and rinse it off with lukewarm water afterwards. 

 German figure skater Maxi Herber practising her routine.

Curling or Cross-country skiing

If you practice curling or cross-country skiing, try a ponytail with a braid if your hair is long enough to do so. You can also try a headband to absorb the sweat, but not everyone feels comfortable using one so try carrying a small microfiber towel to dry as much sweat as you can. Avoid elastics that cause breakage and leave a bend in your hair for the rest of the day. Some great alternatives are scrunchies, ribbon hair ties, or coil hair ties. Last but not least, don’t forget to protect your hair from the cold with a gentle beanie that doesn’t create too much friction with the strands. 

Skiing and snowboarding

Or any other winter sports that require the use of a helmet. Place your hair in one or two braids to keep it out of the way and avoid knots and tangles that are usually a problem after enjoying these sports. This style will fit comfortably under your helmet and will leave pretty waves after you’re done. Moisturize your hair before braiding it by using a bit of the Balancing Conditioner as a leave-in; it contains no petrol or silicones and will keep your strands hydrated the same way you keep your body hydrated by drinking water during a workout. 

Andrea Mead Lawrence, the first American skiier to win two gold medals. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to protect your hair from the cold with a gentle beanie that doesn’t create too much friction with the strands. 

Hair care after the slopes

After your workout, dry pat the sweat. If there is no need to fully wash,  do a co-wash: a technique used to clean the hair without shampoo that cleanses the scalp and leaves the cuticles smooth. The Balancing Conditioner is made without silicones so it is perfect to do a gentle co-wash anytime. It contains a low-pH formula with coconut oil and a lot of argan oil for daily nourishment and hydration. Blow dry using warm or cold settings and avoid higher temperatures. To regain volume and texture, flip your head down and rub your scalp with your fingertips while you blow dry. 

About Dry Shampoo

We say: avoid it. Try to imagine  the combination of sweat, snow and powder: NOT GOOD! It can clog your pores, make your scalp itchy, and if your hair is slightly wet when applied it’ll just create a big mess. 

Using Shampoo

Clean your hair with a shampoo that contains no petrol, silicones, or sulfates. The Balancing Shampoo is formulated to perform on all hair types and deliver results that last.

It is designed to freshen the scalp while hydrating the ends. contains organic oils such as eucalyptus and tea tree oil to balance any hair type and stimulate scalp blood circulation and hair growth. The coconut oil and natural sugars create a creamy texture to cleanse the scalp leaving it feeling nourished and fresh.

What’s Your Hair Routine?

Synchronizing your hair care routine to your favorite sports activity doesn’t have to be a hassle. Mastering your hair care routine will restore and prevent any further damage caused by any of your favorite winter activities. Get your personalized Hair Routine and learn how to properly replenish the strands with the water, oil, and proteins they lose daily.