5 Hair Tips from Brazilian Women

What you'll learn:

  • Natural Waves and Curls
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Being Selective with Hair Care Products
  • Brazilian Hair Care Treatments
  • Follow a Hair Care Routine 


Brazilians are serious about hair care and it shows. The Hair Routine was created straight from the source and our founder & CEO Clarissa de Queiroz shares her hometown hair care secrets to the rest of the world.

“I think what makes Brazilian hair care so special is our diversity. We are one of the countries with the most hair types and we’ve learned to embrace that.” 

Clarissa is right. Brazil holds one of the largest markets for hair products and the best hair specialists. Most Brazilian women are more interested in hair care than other beauty markets. 

“We are obsessed with hair and we know a few things about how to take care of it in the best ways possible”. 

5 Hair Care Tips Brazilian Women Swear By: 

1. Natural Waves and Curls

In Brazil, women are no longer worried about changing their natural hair texture. They embrace all 4 hair types and they are all considered equally beautiful and special. Brazilian women want their hair to look fabulous while keeping it as natural as possible. They seek movement and shine. Never over-styled or stiff. Effortless.  Two girls with amazing hair having fun!

2. Natural Ingredients 

With the objective of having natural, effortless hair, Brazilian women make sure their products are as close to the source as possible. Brazil has a wide variety of fruits and oils and they learn how to take advantage of it. In some regions, girls learn from an early age which are the best fruits and ingredients to make hair masks. “When I was younger, I would pick fruits from my grandma’s garden in order to make powerful hair elixirs in her kitchen.” Aloe, rosemary, guava, avocado, and banana are some of the ingredients she remembers using to create her own treatments at home. 

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3. Selective about their products

Since they rely heavily on natural and botanical products, Brazilian women always make sure they know exactly what’s in their beauty products. They know how to read the labels and quickly identify the active ingredients and the dreaded toxic ones. Their standards are high but it’s the reason their hair game can't be topped. 

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4. Treatments

Brazilian women love having fun in the sun, but they know how to protect their hair from the damaging effects of uv-rays and ocean water. They use sun protection as well as treatments that replenish the strands with moisture and proteins. “We really do love our deep treatments.” Which takes me to the final point.


5. Follow a Hair Routine

“I don’t know exactly when or how it started, but I’ve always known how to identify what my hair is missing to be healthy,” says Clarissa. Brazilian women follow their capillary schedule like Koreans follow their 12-step skincare routine. They believe hair only needs three elements to be at its healthiest: water, oil, and protein. Basically, they rotate treatments to replenish the strands with what they naturally lose due to daily stress (pollution, brushing, blow drying, shampoo, playing with your curls, etc.). They always stock their showers with three treatments: Moisture, Nurture, and Repair and they use their inherited knowledge to know when to use each.




How to Start Following Your Personalized Hair Routine? 

The Hair Routine has created an easy and free way for everyone to be able to follow their personalized hair routine without the trouble of learning to identify what your hair needs. Here you can receive your free and personalized hair analysis. The routine will specify when and how to apply each treatment so that you can get on top of your hair game just like Brazilians do.