Oils for hair care and why use them?

Whoever said oils and oily products are bad for the skin was very wrong. Natural oils can actually be very beneficial for your skin. They nourish thanks to their property of penetrating deep into the skin and trapping water and moisture. Oils can also protect the skin from toxins and replenish it with vitamins, and because our scalp is just a continuation of our face, using oils as part of our hair-care routine is of most importance.


In collaboration with Alper Oils

If you don’t know Maddie & Alana Alper you are missing out! The two Montrealer sisters took their love for wellness and beauty to the next level by creating their own line of beauty oils. They are the masterminds behind six amazing oils from Alper Oils three oils for skin and three oils for the most perfect bath one could dream of. We had the privilege of talking to them and getting some insights on how they started the brand, which has the best ingredients, and even how to implement their products to complement your Hair Routine.

The inspiration behind the creation of the brand is “pretty obvious”, says Alana. 

“We’re obsessed with all things beauty and wanted to take our love for oils to create a product that heals our skin but also gives all the benefits of aromatherapy. Our goal is to combine beauty and wellness by creating clean and effective products!”

The sisters explain that the great thing about oils is that they help protect your skin and hair from damaging processes, dandruff and hair loss. They recommend implementing them to your routine to protect skin from environmental stressors and feed it with antioxidants and nutrients which ultimately aid with inflammation, strengthen the hair and keep it nice and shiny.

Use them in your Hair Routine!

And here’s the amazing part: you can enhance your Hair Routine by placing a couple of Beard Oil drops, which is packed with oils specifically tailored for hair and scalp health, apply directly onto your scalp and gently massage it or use it to nourish and give shine by putting some on the length of your hair. “Right now we’re crushing on Camellia seed oil! It deeply penetrates the skin and hair but doesn’t leave an oily residue!”

Maddie and Alana are into self-care rituals and they admit that there’s nothing more satisfying than completing their night skin-ritual by gently massaging the face with their favorite oil and a jade gua sha. Another perfect use to the oils to treat yourself would be to take a bath with one of their new bath-oils and have the “ultimate treat-yourself moment”.

Oils for hair care and why use them? | The Hair Routine

Needless to say, we are already in love with them and can’t wait to use them, especially with the colder months ahead. Alana stands for exfoliating as one of the most important steps in the routine. “Because our skin is a lot drier, if you don’t exfoliate dead skin your oils and moisturizers won’t be able to penetrate the skin properly…” After the exfoliation, you need to moisturize your skin again, use your favorite oil to do so. 

To finalize, I asked them what’s their life motto: “feeling good from the outside in!” Well, relatable!