Hair Care Version of Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice? The Hair Care Issue

We’ve let the beauty industry influence us to the point that we don’t even know what’s good or bad for our hair anymore! It’s completely normal to get lost among the heaps of information and not know which hair care habits are actually helping maintain our hair at its healthiest, and which are just damaging it more. It’s great to have more information available to us, but it can (at times) get confusing. For example: Should you brush your hair 100 times every night or should you not? Should you use a conditioner or avoid it? 

In order to give you some answers and guide you to what we consider good hair care habits, we’ve decided to make things a little bit more interactive and have you complete the quiz below.  

Complete this Quiz and check out if you ‘ve been naughty or nice.

  1. How often do you wash your hair?
a) 2 -3 times a week 
b) Once every 10 days or longer. 
c) Single. Day.


  1. How often do  you use a straightener or curling iron to style your hair
b) Less than once every two weeks.  
c) Every week. 


  1. How often do you dye or bleach your hair:
a) Never
b) Once every 6 months or less. 
c) Every 2 months or more. 


  1. How often do you trim your ends or cut your hair? 

a) Every 4 to 6 months. 
b) Once a year. 
c) Less than once every 12 months.

     5. Do you carefully read the ingredients in your hair products?

a) Yes, I know exactly what’s in my hair products and I’m very careful 
about what I put in my hair.
b) Yes, but it’s hard to find the perfect product so I don’t really mind.  
c) No, never. Why?

  1. How often do you use a conditioner? 

a) After shampoo and before masking.
b) Every time after using shampoo.

c) Never.

  1. How often do you use a hair mask to treat your hair? 
a) Once every 7-10 days. 
b) Once a month, only as a self-care ritual.
c) I don’t. 


  1. Do you take extra precautions to avoid damaging your hair like microfiber towels and silk pillow cases?
a) I even installed a filter for my shower. 
b) I sometimes use a microfiber towel. 
c) Nada.


  1. Do you follow a routine that’s specific to your hair type and its needs?
a) Yes: Moisture - Nurture - Repair 
b) I have a washing routine. 
c) Wait, what?


  1. Do you blow-dry your hair after every wash? 
a) I don’t even own a hair drier.
b) Yes, but on low heat mode. 
c) Yes! I style it every time after I wash it. 


If you’re here, you probably want to improve your hair care habits and get your sexy hair back! 

If you answered mostly A’s you are in the NICE list. You understand what your  hair type is and what it needs and you take extra good care of it by avoiding any damage. To continue caring for your hair properly, take this other quiz to receive a personalized Hair Routine that tells you exactly when your hair needs (Moisture, Nurture or Repair), and subscribe to receive your products as often as you need them.

If you answered mostly B’s you want to keep your hair healthy but don’t really know how to do more for it. 

Not washing your hair often enough can cause irritation on the scalp and a bad smell, and washing it too much can dry up the strands and trick the glands into producing more oil to protect the hair. Find the balanced middle by testing what works best for your type of hair. We recommend washing it every 3 days for straight hair and every 6 days for wavy curls. For type C hair we recommend washing every 10 days. 

Styling your hair with hot tools such as straightening irons, curlers, or even blow dryers, burns the strands because the heat causes all the moisture to evaporate and the cuticles are no longer able to hold any nutrients, making the hair weak and extremely dull. That’s why the more you do it, the more you need it. 

The same happens with dyeing or bleaching your hair. Both are harsh chemical processes that intend to change the color of your hair and ultimately end up damaging it deeply. 

Knowing the ingredients in your products is an extra step to taking care not only of your hair, but also of yourself. Many of the ingredients in our hygiene products are harmful and can cause more damage than what we think. READ MORE HERE. 

If you answered mostly C’s you still follow naughty habits but you want to change them. Overcoming bad habits is not easy, but everyone can do it by implementing a proper routine. Start by completing this test that we’ve carefully curated to understand your hair situation and what it needs to be healthy (yes, without the help of chemicals or procedures). Keep on reading about why and how to follow a hair routine that replenishes your hair with the three most important elements: water, oil, and protein. Last but not least, consider changing to hair products that are free of toxic chemicals and that are full of good oils, vitamins, and sugars that help your hair grow natural and healthy.