5 Must Tips to Nurture your Hair

The word nourish makes me think of a mom feeding her babies. Lol. Nurture is key when talking about hair treatment and it is essential for a complete Hair Routine. Why? Well, the same way a mom needs to feed her babies, hair needs nutrients to grow strong, shiny and healthy.

In general, hair receives enough nutrients from the oils produced in the scalp, and if these natural oils are well distributed your hair is shiny and soft. The shorter your hair is, the better the oils distribute throughout the strands, but the longer your hair the worse it is, especially for the ends. So how do we get all these nutrients to our entire mane?

1. First of all, don’t wash your hair every day.

You’ve heard/read this one before, but honestly,… don’t. How do you expect to get nutrients if you wash away the natural oils every day? Trust me, your hair will get used to a less frequent washing routine, and it will get smoother.

2. When you do wash your hair, apply a vegetable oil of your choice at least one hour before washing.

It can be Virgin Olive, Coconut, Jojoba, Argan, Avocado etc. Apply it all over your hair generously and wrap it in a bun. Then wash it with shampoo and seal the nutrients with conditioner. This process is called pre-poo.

Never use mineral oils. It’s petrol and it doesn’t allow the good nutrients to penetrate your hair.

3. Brush your hair.

Another great way of nurturing your hair is by spreading the oils with a wooden or a boar-bristle brush.

Attention! The boar-bristle is not a vegan brush, read here for more info. Anyhow, this kind of brush is great for spreading oils through your hair all the way to the ends.

4. Follow a healthy diet.

The healthy inside reflects on the outside. Basics.

5. Follow the right Hair Routine for your type of hair.

Complete this online test and get a personalized Hair Routine that you can follow every day.