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The Balancing Bundle is our unique line of eco-luxury hair care that will change your perspective on natural hair care products.

With a minimalistic formula with the highest quality ingredients, this bundle was made to restore the natural balance of your hair and unleash its full potential.  

All The Hair Routine products are natural, cruelty-free, and vegan. They do not contain any synthetic or toxic ingredients. The performance of both the Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner is professional and delivers results that last.

Treat yourself to the complete holistic experience, be transported to a relaxation mood delivered only at the most exclusive spas, and you will be daydreaming of shower-time from now own.

*Recommended for all types of hair.

*The Balancing Bundle comes in a cotton bag with two plastic pumps for your convenience.

Let your hair flourish with  Balancing Shampoo.

Its biocompatible formula includes premium organic oils such as Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil to balance all types of hair and to stimulate scalp circulation and hair growth.

It gently cleanses the scalp leaving it nourished and fresh. The creamy foam is produced by coconut oil and natural sugars.

If your hair tends to be oily, this shampoo will balance the production of oils in your scalp. If your hair tends to be dry, vitamin B5 and coconut oil will refresh your scalp and revitalize your hair.

You will love it so much, you’ll wish every day was washing day.   

pH: 5.8-6.5

Size: 8oz

The Balancing Conditioner…

means double the trouble! Its biocompatible formula carries two different kinds of coconut oils and a sh*tload of Argan oil for both nourishment and hydration. 

It’s pH levels force the hair cuticles to close down, leaving it soft and smooth after every wash.

Pssst! You can use it for co-washing too because there are no silicones nor petrol derivatives in this product (or any of our products).

pH: 3.9-4.6

Size: 8oz


  1. Isabel Ortega

    Great shampoo and conditioner! Im not a big fan of using conditioner but this one makes your hair feel soft without the feeling of not having rinsed your hair enough. I only wash my hair two times a week and with this products keep my hair cleaner and softer longer. Love it

  2. Salma Z

    Honestly never tried any product that made my hair feel this soft!! I love how it feels and cannot get enough of it !
    I have medium length, thick (Very thick) wavy hair. More importantly i live in the middle east, and in this part of the world, where water is a scarce resource, we do not enjoy the perks of having “clean” water. In other words, the water which comes out of the sink/shower contains A LOT of chemicals which are injected in order to “clean” the water. On top of that, i also suffer from scalp psoriasis (if you are not familiar with it you can ‘google’ it). To cut it short, the past years i have struggled a lot to find products that are chemical free and have always had dry hair (combination of both chemicals in the water and the medical shampoo/spray i use to treat my scalp). A month ago i was lucky enough to try out Feel Good etc. shampoo and conditioner … and to say the least it felt REALLY good !! Styling my hair has become so much easier, i haven’t suffered any redness or itchiness on my scalp like i used to before, and it smells absolutely amazing!! I honestly cannot wait to see what other products this brand will introduce in the near future … but in the mean time i honestly recommend both the shampoo and conditioner !! The packaging, branding and the product itself are all worth every single penny! You don’t really need to apply much on your hair for you to feel the difference!

    If anything I just wish there was an oil instead of the leave-in option since my hair doesn’t work well with leave-ins generally !

    Otherwise, everything else is perfect !!

  3. Faisal khalili

    I never knew how important a hair care routine was until I was introduced to this shampoo. My hair not only got softer and shinier, it also stopped falling out.
    I also noticed that my dandruff has completely gone away. I recommend this bundle for everyone

  4. Jude Khalili

    There is no way to explain how both the shampoo and conditioner have transformed my hair, I first noticed how soft and less frizzy It became, but over time, my hair also stopped getting as greasy and looked better overall, in terms of its shape, color and curl. Thank you so much for this product, there are so many good things to say about it!

  5. Michal Racek

    From day 1 of using the shampoo and conditioner I could feel and see the difference. It’s by far the most natural product I was able to find! Not only is the product absolutely amazing, but also the entire experience of dealing with the company. I can see that the company is passionate about what it does and wants to make a difference for its customers. Thank you Feel Good Etc.! Keep up the great work!

  6. Maria Gentil

    For a long time I’ve been looking for a shampoo and conditioner that works in my hair and protects it in the right way. FGetc is the most natural way I found to take care of my hair, I love it!

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