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Myths and Truths about Hair.

Myths and Truths about Hair

Today we will uncover the myths and legends about hair. We will tell you which are real and which ones are just plain BS.

Let us begin with the most common lie. This one we’ve heard since we were young, and it has been passing from generation to generation:

Cutting your hair frequently makes it grow faster.

BS! This is not true. Trimming your hair does not affect how fast it grows. Hair growth is related to the scalp, not to the ends. Dr. Doris Day, a dermatologist, explains that “how often you cut your hair doesn’t have anything to do with how fast it will grow.” It is the follicles in your scalp that determine how quickly your hair grows. What happens when you cut your hair more frequently is that you get rid of damage and split ends, this makes the hair look fuller and healthier.



Brushing your hair 100 times per day to have a healthy hair.

Major BS. Brushing your hair too much can actually cause damage, especially if the hair is wet. It causes friction, and it damages the cuticle, there is no point in brushing your hair more than you already do. If you want to promote a healthy scalp, you should untangle with a wide hair comb and massage with your fingertips after a long stressing day.

Hair masks are the same thing as conditioners.

NOT TRUE. The purposes of the conditioner and hair masks are different. Conditioners have a lower PH than hair masks which help close the cuticles (the outside layers of the hair strand), while the hair masks are denser and they’re supposed to treat the inside part of the hair strand.

There are also three main types of hair masks, each with a singular objective: nutrition, reconstruction, and moisturization.

Oily hair should NOT be washed more than once a day. 

True! There is no need to wash your hair more than once a day. People with greasy hair think that washing it a lot will solve the “problem” but actually makes it worse. Hair has a natural production of oil (sebum), so if you wash it more than necessary your head will start producing more oil to compensate for the excessive washing. “If you shampoo every day it will strip your scalp of all its natural oils and can lead to dry, brittle hair”, says Julien Farel, expert and salon owner in NYC, to GQ magazine.


Hair gets used to a certain product.

BS again. Hair does not get used to the product. What happens is that if for example, you used a moisturizing mask then your hair will be moisturized for a certain amount of time and it will lack on other things, like nutrition or reconstruction. This is why having a personal hair routine where you rotate the type of treatment, is the best option for your hair.

Women and men’s hair are different.

Not really. What’s different is the scalp, it is usually greasier for men than for women. But the structure of the hair is no different from one gender to the other. Men’s hair is usually healthier than women’s because they tend to have it shorter… so they don’t really have breakage or split ends.

Sorry if I uncovered some all-time lies. Now you know.


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