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Bring Your Sexy Hair Back

Bring Your Sexy Hair Back

Heads up… today is real talk and not an easy subject that we’ve been asked about a lot. About two years ago I started the process of transitioning my hair to its natural form, it was a hard process, and I would like to share some tips and knowledge with you.

First things first, we all know that changing a habit or anything that we are used to doing in our lives is hard. I know that you might have tried to get your hair back to its natural form and gave up multiple times but we are with you, and we’re all in this together. Going natural is not even close to easy, but it is worth the hassle. This is the time to forget about extensions, straighteners, perm, hair dryers, and relaxers. It is time to bring sexy hair back to its natural most beautiful form so you can break free from this damaging cycle and go about your life without deforming the natural shape of your strands.


Some hair transformation things you should keep in mind before going through the process:

  1. This process needs your attention and time. Natural hair is not something you choose to do and happens on its own. Looking at the bright side, you don’t have to waste time using tools and toxic chemicals on your hair anymore to make it “look” nice. Now you can spend that time by having your “me time” and enjoy the process by following a specific Hair Routine to go through the transition period. The routine consists of the steps of moisturizing, reconstructing and nourishing the hair strands.
  2. You won’t look like Rapunzel overnight. Your hair needs time to readjust to its natural form, so you need to give it the time and care it needs and be patient. Think of this period as the teenager phase of the hair, and it will grow to become a successful and beautiful person.
  3. Don’t compare your natural curls with other people. This is something I tended to do a lot, and it was very frustrating. But you need to always keep in mind that every hair type is different, and yours will have its beautiful individuality and curls once it grows back to its natural form.
  4. People will make some ignorant comments about your curls. Sometimes society forces us to be, dress or act a certain way, and that’s why we tend to transform certain things to make it “acceptable” and “normal” for society. The same thing goes to hair, curly hair can be perceived negatively by certain people, and we sometimes might hear an ignorant comment. Don’t make that affect you negatively in any way and try to inform that person that natural hair is the way to go. Some people say natural hair isn’t for everyone, but it grows from our heads! It can’t get any more “for you” than that.
  5. You WILL NOT stop touching your hair. It is so much more satisfying to play with silky and natural hair that you took care off and nurtured. Believe me; you will keep twirling it with your finger or passing your finger between the new natural strands. Make sure you control yourself because it might cause breakage, make the strands fall or make it oily.
  6. Deciding to go natural is a lifestyle choice, not a hairstyle choice. The hair transitioning period is almost like going through a diet, it needs full commitment to see results. Make it part of your weekly routine and never slack off. Don’t forget the best things take time to be ready, respect and value this time.

If you are thinking of starting your hair transitioning process, we got your back! Get your free personalized routine that meets your hair needs here.


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