What is a hair routine and why follow one?

Believe it or not, your hair only needs three components to be healthy: water, oil, and protein. 

No matter if your hair is straight, curly, frizzy or kinky; all of them require these three elements working together in perfect harmony to make your hair look, feel and be fantastic.

How is a routine going to help my hair?

Let’s think and analyze those rare perfect hair days we get now and then. Those are not a coincidence of the Universe or your horoscope saying “you will get good hair days in the least unimportant dates”  These good hair days happen when there is a perfect balance of water, oil, and protein in your hair. 

Water replenishment in the hair is what makes it softer and more elastic. You will find moisture-locking ingredients in the Moisture Treatment, that will deeply hydrate the end giving the smoothness and definition.

Oil is the element that will make the hair grow healthy and keeping its shine from tops to bottoms. Our Nurture Treatment will rebalance the oils in your hair and control frizz thanks to the rich blend of eleven lustrous oils.   

Protein will make the hair regain volume and strength caused by everyday styling. The Repair Treatment will restore hair mass because it is made with regenerative ingredients such as keratin. 

You can find the treatments mentioned above here.

How to get a good hair day, every day, by using the three elements? 

That’s where it gets tricky; each person needs a specific amount of each of these…in order to achieve that perfect balance. 

For example, if your type of hair is (C  + ) kinky, and more porous, then your hair will need oils more often and in higher quantities than water and protein. If your hair is damaged from bleaching, dying, or constant burning, then your hair will need *more protein in a specific lapse of time. 

*Careful, don’t forget that too much protein in a short lapse of time will cause negative effects. 

The Hair Routine has created a test to deliver your personalized hair care routine. In addition to that, you can get the three hair treatments to follow it. 

If you want to get your own personal routine and start taking care of your hair properly (which FYI is the method women use in Brazil), click here and get started with yours.