Top 5 Hairstyles for the Summer

The temperature is rising and my hair knows it. –Insert frizz here-

With the arrival of the summer, I can’t help but think about the cute outfits that I’ll be wearing paired with the freshest hairstyles of the season.  My hair is long so I type ”braided hairstyles” in the search-bar of Pinterest. I know what you must be thinking: Braids for the summer? So what else is new? Yes, I love braids and I can’t help it! But to be fair, I decided not only to include braids in this article but also some head scarfs and hairpins. Yay!

The 5 favorites

1. Hairpins

Hairpins are a successful comeback this season and you can get them almost anywhere these days, but if you are in Montreal, get the cutest styles at Elle and Jane. FYI they also sell The Hair Routine products and some beautiful items from Faithfull the Brand.

2. Head Scarfs

Personally, my favorite styles this summer are all the ones that include scarfs, they are great because you can tie them up in so many ways!

3. Scrunchies

Another great comeback from the good old days – yes, the 90s. – Tie your hair up into a bun or just a loose ponytail to avoid damaging the strands.

4. Braids

Classic. My forever go-to style during the summer. There are so many styles to choose from, but here are the ones we consider the favorites amongst The Hair Routine team members.

5. Tied Buns

Another way to tie up your hair without damaging the strands and looking super cute at the same time.

Try out this idea, it looks gorgeous!


Extra Tip

It is essential to protect your hair from the sunlight and the heat in order to avoid permanent damage. I highly recommend using a silicone free leave-in like The Hair Routine Conditioner – which can be used as the perfect leave-in after washing your hair. Just one drop or two, depending on your hair’s length, and WOOP WOOP good to go and conquer the summer!!!

Do you follow the Hair Routine Method? It’s the most effective way to maintain your hair healthy all year long. I highly recommend getting your diagnosis to receive your very own Hair Routine!