The 4 Steps of the Virtuous Cycle

In one of our previous articles I attempted an introduction to The Wonderful World of The Virtuous Cycle by referring to the feeling of satisfaction we get every time we complete something – no matter how small- that eventually leads to feeling better about ourselves.

The 4 Steps of the Virtuous Cycle | The Hair Routine

The Wonderful World of The Virtuous Cycle

I get it, this subject has a spirituality tone to it, but really it has nothing to do with it. It was Clarissa, founder of The Hair Routine, who first introduced me to The Virtuous Cycle. She explained it to me in a very simple way, and she never stops reminding me that this is how she gets things done for the company and herself. “You need to always start by having good goals, to achieve them you take good actions and plant good seeds; finally you collect good results. The cycle is HOW we do things at The Hair Routine, we follow the steps and review along the way, in the end, everything we accomplish was done following this amazing method.”

The first step in the cycle is: Having Good Goals.

Think of something you want to achieve or do better and think: Will this objective be good, not only for me but also for everything and everyone that surrounds me? What will I gain out of it? It is essential that when we plan our goals, we make sure this is what we need and want for ourselves. This step is crucial because there is a difference between making a good decision and making the right decision. What are the things you will need to do to achieve your Good Goals? Any good strategies to get there?

Second: Take Action!

Get off the couch and do it! It is not enough to write down your objectives if you never take action and actually START.

The third step is to Plant Good Seeds.

The actions involved in everything you do must be well thought out, but after you take action, there must be continuity in the process. Make it a lifestyle. Don’t do it once and drop it, only on good grounds you can plant more good seeds.

The 4 Steps of the Virtuous Cycle Diagram | The Hair Routine

Finally, Collect Good Results.

This is more an output rather than an input. If you follow the steps above only good results will come out. You can apply this method to every aspect of your life: giving up a bad habit, busting your career, improving your health, love life, self-care, etc. Target the future and make this your new way of living each day. No matter what goals -big or small- you have in mind, you will find that following this cycle is one of the best methods to achieve them.

I hope this works for you as well as it has for me. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us by email or social media.
´till next week,