SOS: Winter hair care survival guide

6 Tips to take care of your hair this winter

Sure, we’re all looking forward to the summer, but the fact is, winter is not going anywhere, anytime soon. But if you can make something shine – rather than just the snow, – why not make it your hair?

It’s not really a surprise to anyone that this weather can be extremely harmful to your hair, causing lots of dryness, brittleness, and frizz. In addition to that, the harsh changes in temperature – freezing cold outside but dry and warm inside – can, and most certainly will, take a toll on your skin and your hair if left without proper care.  The good news is that we’ve prepared an essential hair care survival guide for you.


SOS: Winter hair care survival guide | The Hair Routine

Get ready to screenshot and save the tips below:

  1. Moisture and Nurture are your two best friends this season. Invest in high-quality hair treatments that contain ingredients such as aloe vera, sugar derivatives, and coconut oil. Stay away from sulfates and petroleum. 
  2. Never-and I mean never- go outside with wet or humid hair.  It can freeze and break!
  3. Avoid blow-drying your hair, but if you have to, set up your blow-dryer to medium temperature and always use a protective serum, like grapeseed oil.  
  4. Protect your hair by covering it as much as possible and style it so it is not too exposed to the low temperatures frequently. Braids and buns are the best for the winter. Protect your hair like you would protect your hands from the cold. You can style it in a bun or use a beanie.
  5. I know it’s freezing outside and this is the last thing you want to do, but try ending your shower with a hint of cold water to minimize frizz and maximize shine.  It will well be worth it. 
  6. Eat your way to healthier hair. Avocado could play a whole new role in your life. It’s yummy and it’s also rich in Biotin – the hair growth vitamin – Did you know it contains almost “all the vitamins in the World” (A, C, D, E, K, and the B vitamins)?

If you read until this point it might be possible that your hair is in need of some extra help. Right? Complete your hair routine test to get your personalized hair routine.